Looking for Interested People for a Bible Study in Houston!

I would like to float the idea of a Bible study, open to Preppers and Liberty minded Christians in the Houston-Metroplex area.

I often hear from many Christian Preppers that they can’t find a church where they feel they belong or that their church or other Christian’s don’t understand where they are coming from.

I am not…I repeat, I am not looking to form a Prepper’s Only or Liberty Only Bible study.  I am not looking to form a milita or some weird cult thing.  I really want to fellowship with other believers and FEEL comfortable bringing up preparedness and faith.  Many of you who have read Prepper Website and Prepper  Church for any amount of time know that I’m a regular guy.  I don’t dance with snakes or drink chicken blood and really don’t want to hang around with anyone who does! 😉

I’m just looking for like minded Christian brothers and sisters who are currently not attending a church or Bible study OR Prepper’s or Liberty minded people who are desiring to learn more about the Christian faith.

I have no specifics, nor do I even know if this will happen. Like I said above, I’m floating the idea and trying to gauge interest.

I know many of you will have issues with OPSEC and that kind of stuff.  My position is that as a Christian, my faith comes before anything else and I need to spread the Gospel.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t prepare, etc…  I just choose to put myself out there in this regard, so that others can come to Christ and fellowship with their brothers and sisters, who happen to be Prepper’s and love liberty.

I believe the time is short and if you have ever been on the fence, now is the time to stop playing games.

If you are interested, please fill out this short survey to give me a little bit more information on what the interest is out there.  I also ask for your email address so I can contact you if something comes together.  I won’t advertise it here, create a Facebook page or some other website to get the word out afterwards.  From here on out, it will be word of mouth.


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8 thoughts on “Looking for Interested People for a Bible Study in Houston!

  1. Bob Sellers

    I live in Alabama, much too far away to attend, but I am always interested in Bible Study. I am sending this so you can pray about it and add / consider if you choose to.


    Realist News just published a review of Lindsay Williams latest CD update on the nwo.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sehEi99lI24?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360%5D

    the video URL is here:


    As I was watching it, I had the following thoughts, which I also posted on rumormill news. You are most welcome to publish it on your sire if you wish. I feel that there are many more who need to be exposed to this..

    By reading ‘between the lines’, so to speak and hearing some key words which the talker inadvertently chose, I understood (or think I did) some keys from The Revelation, chapter 13 that I had previously misunderstood that deal with the events preceding the regeneration of this final earth age.

    I do realize that there are many on here who disregard the Word of God, and will not understand at this time. It will become plain, to some few of them though, as events unfold.

    I do plan a post soon which will help (some few) in this regard.

    For now, suffice it to say that the 7 headed ‘beast’ rising from the sea (all 7 continents) is the new world order. The head of this beast ‘that is wounded as to death’ and is healed is the USA. The ‘deadly wound’ will be none other than complete economic collapse, threatening the food and fuel worldwide.

    Worldwide Billions will die. The system has been purposely collapsed by the illuminati to bring about the depopulation agenda they have trumpeted, and have previously told us they would do.

    The ‘healing’ of the wound will also be done by ‘the illuminati elite’ (bankers) of the world, and will be an economic ‘healing’ with a satanic caveat attached, and for a short time (TBD) nearly all of the people of the world will be amazed at the ‘recovery’ of the USA and the world economy. They will not understand the satanic caveat, however.

    Rev 13 states that there will be a flesh person who praises and blesses this healing of the beast system. (right now I am leaning toward the Pope), since this character (Rev 13:11) has a visage which appears like a lamb.

    All who have read the Word know the true ‘lamb’ of God is not any flesh man, but was (is) Jesus Christ…see John chapter
    1, vv 29-30.

    This one to appear, whomever he is, will attempt to pose as the ‘lamb’. Ie, Jesus Christ, and he is identified in Rev 13 as the false prophet. This false jesus will obtain magical,supernatural (satanic) powers and bless this beast system, the new world order.

    In short, the world will actually ‘recover’ from its economic distress, for a short time. The people of the world will truly believe ‘good times are here again’.

    And from then on, it gets extremely interesting. Some few that wonder can read Rev 13 and seriously think a bit. .

    To be continued…when, I don’t know.. Soon I hope, Lord willing.

    May Father Bless us all, and open the eyes that need to be opened..


  2. Ken Vaughn

    I’m north of The Woodlands and it would be a bit of a drive, but I would strongly encourage you to consider using materials from Chuck Missler. I’ve been teaching a Bibe Study based on his materials and you can access my info at http://rocksolid.kvaughn.com if your interested. We’ve completed Genesis and are in Revelations currently. Really deep background that you don’t find in most sources.

  3. Jan Book

    I live in Louisiana, so it’s a bit of a commute. If you are going to study the Bible, I hope you will do just that-study the Bible and not use a particular denominational study guide. Pray for guidance to God’s message and what He has required for salvation. Don’t take one verse out of context and use it confirm your beliefs. Look, instead, for His message and the way He has set for a Christian life. I’ll be praying that God guides you and your study mates to the Truth that comes from God.


  4. InspiredbyYahweh

    If you are in Michigan, we have a church northeast of Grand Rapids that is devoted to becoming a biblical church, modeling the church found in the book of Acts, which also happens to be the ultimate pepper community model if ever there was one.

  5. Robert

    I look forward to thoughtful discussion and consideration of the Word. It is an interesting time to consider the contrasting views of praising the grace of God in any and all circumstances with the idea of preparing ourselves for the coming persecution of believers.

    The Word of God is all that is needed in such times and I trust that the Spirit of The Father will guide our efforts.

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