VID: The Orthodox Church and the Harlot Church

In this 3 part video, Jacob Prasch discusses characteristics of the Growing Remnant vs. the Shrinking Majority.  There is so much good stuff here, I don’t know where to begin.  However, many who watch this are going to get their feathers ruffled as he names names of popular prominent Christians who many know.  If you watch it, tell me what you think below.



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One thought on “VID: The Orthodox Church and the Harlot Church

  1. Dare Tuitt

    Jacob goes further than almost any other evangelist/teacher I have ever heard but I like that about him. Too many times we are told “something is wrong” but never exactly what it is out of politeness or the unwritten code…but we are in the End Times now and people need to hear the unvarnished TRUTH. While I do not always agree with him, he has brought out things to me I have missed and now incorporate into my understandings of events as they fit into the prophetic picture. His teaching on The Bible and False Interpretations (You Tube video here: was very helpful for me when dealing with forum trolls who are quoting from “another Bible, worshiping another god and following a different Jesus.” I regularly look at any new material he presents online.

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