Was It That Offensive?

Have you always wondered why this event happened?  I know I have.  And I’ve always had so many questions, and the answers I’ve received have always left me unfulfilled.  What exactly was it that Uzzah did that was so offensive to God that He killed him?  Wasn’t he simply trying to keep the Ark from falling off of the cart when one of the oxen stumbled?

I’ve always felt in my spirit that this passage in 2 Samuel had meaning for those of us who worship Yahweh.  And since my Bible study time had brought me to this chapter in the Bible, I was determined to finally answer those questions, and discover the deeper understanding I was meant to discern.

The Biblical critiques of this particular verse have differed as to why the Ark became unsettled. Some think the oxen stumbled; some think they kicked against the goad (prod) that Uzzah used to drive them; or that they became stuck in the mire.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what caused the unbalanced state of the Ark; it is the result that concerns us.

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