Which Day Is the Correct Day of Worship & Should We Celebrate Jewish Feasts?

I wanted to pass along this video.  Jacob Prasch answers the question of which day should Christian’s worship.  In doing so, he also discusses about celebrating the Jewish feasts.

Jacob does a good job of making this topic easy to understand and backs it up with Scripture from the New Testament.

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7 thoughts on “Which Day Is the Correct Day of Worship & Should We Celebrate Jewish Feasts?

  1. Dale Mock

    Brother, Please,before you go moralizing and disclaiming the proper day of rest perhaps you should diligently read your Bible. The seventh day Sabbath was not put into place for the Israelites in the ten commandments at Sinai, but was put into place at the time of creation and is a memorial to God’s creation, so it should be for all people.
    The Roman Catholic church claims and takes responsibility for the change of the day of rest from Saturday to Sunday. Prove this for your self by reading an older Catholic catechism, if you can find one.
    If worshiping angels is a problem to you, please note that both Daniel and John in Revelations had angels standing beside them in some of their visions and were told not to worship them, and that they (the angels) were just messengers.
    Ellen G White, started as a Methodist, was never Christian Scientist founder, nor was she a founder of the Seventh Day Adventists, she did a have some influence in the development of the SDAs.
    The evidence for keeping and continuing to keep the seventh day as a day of rest is in Isaiah 66:23, in talking about the new heaven and new earth, from one new moon to another, AND from one Sabbath to another shall all flesh come together
    There are still quasi Christian seventh-day keeping groups that date their Sabbath keeping back to the early Christian church, ex, the Yazshidis in Iraq,and small group in the highlands of Ethiopia.
    There is several instances in Acts in which the Apostles continued to worship in the synagogue on the Sabbath.
    Please read your Bible, there is no conclusive evidence for a change of days as a day of worship.

    1. Ernie Pearce

      what is wrong with 24 7. God can and will honor what is in your heart.Just don’t start making laws you can.t keep.

      1. Mark Smith

        I worry about those double-minded men who think the Old Law trumps the New. They make themselves followers of the Pharisees, not Jesus Christ.


        No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. –Matthew 6:24

        That with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. –Romans 15:6

        The double-minded man is inconstant in all his ways. -James 1:8

  2. Mark Smith

    TWICE mentioned in the Gospel of St. Matthew, God Himself gave the authority to St. Peter and his successors to bind and loose “WHATSOEVER.” (Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18)

    And with that God-given authority, Sunday worship by Christians was established:
    (1) to emphasize that the Mosaic Law was fulfilled (John 19:28-30) and REPLACED, ANNULLED, “MADE VOID,” “BLOTTED OUT,” “SET ASIDE,” “TAKEN AWAY” (Hebrews 7:18, Hebrews 10:9, Colossians 2:14, Jeremias 31:31-32, Malachias 2:8-12, Hebrews 8:5-13, Mark 7:7-9)
    (2) to honor the day that the SON was resurrected.

    The change was initiated while St. John the Apostle was still alive in the first century A.D. without any objection from the Apostle who talked face-to-face with Jesus Christ, the Apostle who knew far better and in greater detail (John 21:25) what Jesus Christ taught and wanted than any man alive today.

    Dr. Mock may not like the change, but then God neither gave Dr. Mock the authority to “bind and loose whatsoever,” nor to make private interpretations (2 Peter 1:20). There are salutary lessons in the Old Testament, but the Old Law is no longer binding in itself, yet, consistent with the authority granted by God Himself, His designated authorities on earth, the Popes, have incorporated parts, but not the whole, of the Old Law. It is Sunday worship that, for two millennia, has been mandatory under the New Law. Additional worship on all the other days is, of course, beneficial and encouraged. That is why we Catholics celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on every day (except Good Friday, the day that the children of hell (Matthew 23:15) connived the judicial murder of their Redeemer).

    Jesus founded His one Church, a visible and hierarchical Church, with the commission to teach (Matthew 28:19-20), govern (Matthew 18:18), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19, John 20:23). Logically consistent with those commissions, Jesus founded one Church, singular, with one central authority (Mattthew 18:18), a visible organized society (Mark 4:11), and called for oneness of doctrine (John 17:11, 21-23), not an anarchy of churches having mutually exclusive doctrines, not 35,000 sects in which everyone gets to make up his own private interpretations.

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