Christians – Time to DIVEST Out of American Babylon

by Dare Tuitt

In the wake of the past week of disastrous SCOTUS decisions which have put the final nails in the coffin of our once-grand American republic, our Constitution and religious freedoms, the time has come to align ourselves more with how God sees America and act accordingly. In short – get serious about God and get real!

In America, we have allowed the cultural Marxists to dictate the terms for 50 years and now we are reaping the whirlwind: we have systematically kicked God out of our schools, governing bodies, courthouses, government buildings, colleges, corporations – even many so-called Christian churches! It was a plan devised by satan to bring down a country that once was chief among all nations identified even by the rest of the world as “Christian.” God allowed America to rise as a global power so we could help finish spreading the Gospel to every corner of the world. Now we are recognized as the chief exporter of pornography and violent movies highlighting perversions. We have enshrined baby-killing, homosexuality, pornography, divorce, adultery, lawlessness, murder, mayhem and perversions of all stripes in our institutions and culture. This is satan’s world system, American-style. We need to come out from it now.

How does God see any country or a people who openly rebel at His authority? A look at history gives us the answer. The Soviet Union kicked God out of Russian life for 70 years and eventually collapsed under the weight of the soul-killing Communist regime. In ancient Israel, the people had so rejected the Lord that he allowed their enemies to judge them in the form of the tyrant Nebuchadnezzar, who invaded them, conquered them and subjugated them for 70 years. Do any of us really believe America will somehow escape God’s judgment when He allowed His righteous judgment upon Israel, the one nation described in the Bible as “the apple of God’s eye?” If God allowed judgment to fall on His favorite people, then what should we expect to befall America?

And one more thing: among all the precepts in God’s Word, please note the Lord requires obedience first before imparting any blessings. Therefore, if we reject His law and rebel against it, we can expect God’s judgment and no blessings. Could that be why we are seeing crop-destroying weather in places that disproportionally grow most of the fresh fruits and vegetables for the country? An increase in earthquakes, and civil calamities?

We are all now entering into the most dangerous time in world history. As Christians in America, we have entered into the beginning of the End Game skillfully put into place over decades by dedicated Marxists who want nothing more than to destroy us. This was a planned takeover of every institution that made us strong, including the Christian church. The church is being brought down from within. In the last 50 years, many mainstream Protestant churches have been manipulated and conquered – usurped by the values of cultural Marxism, to the point where their pastors no longer even believe the tenants of the faith such as the Atonement, the Bible as the unerring Word of God, the Virgin Birth and repentance of sin. Instead they now teach a watered-down version of the faith; a social justice gospel or one that features diversity/inclusiveness even when it violates God’s laws. Instead we see so-called “emergent” churches preach self help instead of repentance from sin and introduce an amalgam of other pagan traditions mixed with Christianity. Satan will use these apostate churches to further attack and marginalize the faithful remnant; deliberately confusing and influencing millions who will be led willingly to support a false, substitute Christianity already embracing the nullification of foundational Truths in favor of “ecumenism”, “unity” and “universalism.” This new world church movement will fool many, especially Millennials who have not been raised in the Christian church and whose entire education has been at the hands of cultural Marxist educators and their sympathizers. They just don’t have the tools to understand otherwise.

But there is much the faithful remnant can do to lessen the impact of the persecution coming upon us. And by so doing, perhaps prolong the time the Lord makes available to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus before it’s too late. We can come out of Babylon in thought, word and deed.

What do I mean by coming out from among them in thought, word and deed?

I mean each of us must honestly hold themselves to account for how much we have allowed Babylon into our lives, and begin to divest ourselves of it’s influence. This will take many forms, including expatriating out of the country altogether. If you can afford to leave the country, then Godspeed to you and yours – we will keep each other in our prayers!

However, if you cannot afford to leave or simply don’t feel led of the Lord to leave, then you must make every effort to live a holy and righteous life before God, beginning with your level of contact with this evil Babylon system. We must take stock of our lives – how we live, what we buy and allow into our homes, our eyes, ears and hearts – and divest ourselves of contact with this system in as many places as possible.

For example, do you work for a company who has financed the “gay agenda?” Do they offer gays discounts, advertise in gay publications, or given to gay organizations? Then figure out a way to get another job or start your own business and grow it to the point where you can leave their employ. Your labor is helping to grow the profit of the company who has chosen to serve the Beast. Come out from among them!

Our faith begins with our thought life where we are told to “take every thought captive.” Do you watch television programs where the Lord’s name is routinely blasphemed and His people mocked and denigrated? You are passively accommodating hate speech! Those words go into your brain and stay there as memories forever. Take authority over your mind and only feed it entertainment which is edifying and Godly; pure, lovely and excellent. (Phil 4:8) Additionally, take note who advertises on these shows. Begin to use another company’s products instead of those who advertise and support un-godly television programming. Write that company a letter and tell them why you are no longer their customer.

Does any serious Christian go to first-run Hollywood films anymore? Unless they are aimed at younger audiences (and even THAT is changing) most are a smorgasbord of filth, violence and perversions not fit for a child of the Living God. Instead, spend your dollars on buying Christian movies or DVDs of films from Hollywood’s Golden Age, and where you won’t be seared with images designed to corrupt and hollow-out your faith.

Additionally, we must not ever back down from speaking Truth to the lost. We can begin to direct our efforts through prayerful words of appeal to the Lord for our enemies, for our unbelieving loved ones and friends. We can continue to pray for our country and for those in power over us to be visited by the Lord to soften their hard hearts, both for the good of the nation and for their own salvation.

Individually, we must take action to literally divest ourselves of the world, especially when we still have the freedom to vote with our pocketbook. Make every effort to buy from local church members first before rushing out to enrich the very companies and corporations who finance our enemies. If it doesn’t already, your church needs to have a directory of services and skills provided by members, to members and for members.

Divest yourself of any investment instruments such as mutual funds who have holdings in companies that have bowed down to Baal. Make the effort to financially support each other within the church first. When and where it is prudent and makes sense, we can also do the same and use barter, rather than pay taxes on avoidable transactions. Keep our dollars circulating among ourselves and trust the Lord to provide, so that we may continue to serve God without fear.

This model of a church-based economy comes from the early church, where Paul described our relationship with each other as members. The Acts church shared from their individual abundance, favored helping each other first and then addressed the needs of the un-saved. They lived in a spirit-led freedom of relative peace and harmony within the oppressive Roman occupation and hostility directed at them from Jewish Temple leadership.  Many early converts were attracted to the church by observing how they lived, helped each other and others.

Current remnant church leadership needs to step up and begin to prepare their members by implementing prudent activities, such as church members pooling their finances for buying food and provisions in bulk on a regular basis, creating a church garden, creating a directory of skills and services of members. This will help many businesses that are targeted by gay activists because of their owner’s religious beliefs.

I am also suggesting church leaders begin to formulate counter-measures of godly civil disobedience. We must make it very clear we will not comply with such rulings, and any attempt to enforce them that targets our religious freedoms will be met with strong, vocal and sustained counter measures. This is an area where we must be wise as serpents and meek as doves. We need righteous leaders to prudently address these issues and advise an appropriate and effective, Remnant Christian response.

We need to put these suggestions into place now, so we are ready when the persecution increases.

Most of all, we must honestly put God first in our lives and begin to live accordingly. We cannot stand for Truth and God’s righteousness if we are living a bad example and being hypocrites. We must be prayer warriors, help the church first, tell Truth to the lost and live for the Lord.

Come out from among them!

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    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      The tendency might be to think you have to leave America. I know many are thinking about doing this and many ARE doing this. However, I think that Dare was talking about not allowing American Babylon to influence and control our lives as much as many do. This takes being purposeful and deliberate in how we live.


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