Do I Have What It Takes?

I would like to think that I’m a tough guy and that I can push through any issue.  With my preparedness mindset and what I know of human nature, I know the potential for things to go south really quick.  When that all happens, I pray that my preparedness plans kick in and I rally my family and friends to get through whatever comes.  But sometimes I don’t know if I have what it takes.

I’m not talking about being scared.  I’m not even talking about having all the preparedness gear and skills I should have.  I’m talking about being able to fully place my trust in Christ.  Don’t get me wrong, I will prepare as much as I can.  I will plan.  I will do everything in my power.  But I don’t doubt that there will be a time in my lifetime when I will have to depend on and fully trust in God.

You see, right now I have great faith.  I can say I trust in God for all my needs.  But it is easy to say that when things are relatively good.  Yes, not everyone has it good right now.  Yes, we could have better retirement plans.  Yes, there are some people that are living in shelters.  Yes, the store ran out of your favorite ice cream.  I’m not talking about those kinds of hardships.  I’m talking about when everything you know has been rocked.  I’m talking about when everything has been taken away and the only thing you have is the breath in your lungs and your faith in God.

Why am I thinking about this?

I’m sick and tired of the fast food Gospel that I see and hear; the lackadaisical faith that I see, not only in my life, but in those around me who say they are Christians.  Don’t get me wrong,   I’m not an apostate.  I just think my faith is weak when I compare it to those who God has really used.

I have found myself passing up the videos and sermons of our current popular preachers, and have instead turned to the books and teachings of men and women like A.W. Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill and Corrie Ten Boom.

I’ve recently watched the story of Corrie Ten Boom, The Hiding Place, and I desire faith like that. Corrie and her sister, Betsie’s faith were unshaken when they were helping Jews escape Holland and continued when they were thrown into the concentration camp.  That is faith!  And that kind of faith just doesn’t spring up from nothing.  That kind of faith comes from a deep walk with the Lord.


You see, I think many “Christians” will be shaken out of their faith in tough times.  This is because most Christians have a surface relationship with the Lord.  I don’t want that!  I hope you don’t want that either!

This world doesn’t have anything greater to offer than what the Lord does.  Why people rather exchange the glory of God for the temporary “fun” of this world is something that is hard for me to understand.  I say this because Heaven is real.  It is the most beautiful place you could possibly imagine.  No mind can comprehend what God has prepared for us!

None of the rulers of this age knew this wisdom, for if they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But as it is written: What eye did not see and ear did not hear,and what never entered the human mind— God prepared this for those who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:8-9 HCSB

But just like Heaven is real, so is Hell.  Hell is the nastiest place that has even been.  No one can even imagine how nasty it is.  And no one believes that they will ever go there.  But many people will be sadly mistaken on that last day.  I hurt for those people.  I don’t want anyone to go there.  I wish everyone would give their life completely over to Christ and start to live their life in obedience to Him.  Do I have what it takes to share the message enough?

Let me finish this rambling post with what I focus on daily, putting Jesus first in all things.  I know I’m not perfect.  I struggle with things all the time.  But I want to live a strong life of faith.  I try to stay sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit by staying close to the things of God.  I know that if I fill my life with junk, I won’t have room for God.  And that is the advice I have for you if you are wanting to grow in your faith too.  Remove the junk, TV, hobbies that lead to nowhere, etc… and fill it with the things of God.  It will payoff eternally!

If you are interested in watching the story of Corrie Ten Boom, the Hiding Place, I found it on Youtube.


“No pit is so deep that He is not deeper still. With Jesus, even in our darkest moments, the best remains and the very best is yet to be.”  – Corrie Ten Boom




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