Fear Vs Fear – Is This the Reason America is Going Down? Or Is It Something Else?

Fear is a powerful thing.  There are those who know how to manage fear to get others to do what they want or to behave in a certain manner.  Many of us believe that.

On the other hand, those of us who “watch” and pay attention to what is going on can get easily “sucked” in to the fear “show” when we read, listen or watch information that is WARNING us about the things we should fear.  We get it on both sides.

The key is to stay informed AND spiritually discern the truth.  So, I’ll ask you to do just that when I share the latest podcast from Jan Markell.  After checking it out, I would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jan had on Curtis Bowers for two podcast episodes.  If you’ve been in the Preparedness scene for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen his first documentary, Agenda – Grinding America Down.  You can view it here.

Bowers has recently come out with a new documentary, Agenda 2 – Master’s of Deceit. You can view the trailer to this new documentary below.

Bowers shares a tale of a hidden agenda that has run for many years to remove God from America and bring our great nation down to its knees.

Is it just more fear porn or has Bowers really found the answers to why our nation seems to systemically be coming apart?

Listen to Jan Markell’s interview with Curtis Bowers and share what you think!

To offer a critique of what Bowers shares, you might want to read Gary North’s article on Bowers’ work – Agenda: A Misleading Fundamentalist Video That Should Never Have Been Made.


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