Hard Question – Does My Church Suck Because of Me?

Believers weren’t meant to attend church once a week and that’s it! Sometimes, believers put a little money in the offering plate, to make them feel like they are “doing their part” or giving something back.  That’s not the way it is supposed to be!  Somewhere along the line we became “consumer Christians.”  And that has led to the idea that we can just pack up and move on when things get uncomfortable or hard.


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7 thoughts on “Hard Question – Does My Church Suck Because of Me?

  1. Cat Mingus

    To become invested in a church takes time, and people are reluctant to commit the time to see if a church fits for them. It is especially difficult to find a good, Biblically-sound church because by the time you discover the church is not truly Bible-based you may have invested a lot of your time and friendship. Consider a church which has accepted gay marriage. One may have been invested at that church for a very long time, only to discover the parent church has left behind the basic tenants of the faith! Think of starting out as a Methodist, or Presbyterian, and 20 – 30 – years later you now have a female pastor and they’re doing homosexual weddings. How difficult it is to walk away from a church you have invested in, who no longer listens to your concerns. All the more difficult if you live in a small town.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      I understand. That’s why I said it is important to make sure that a church is biblically sound. That has to be the starting point. And I understand that real relationship take time and yes, after 20-30 years, relationships can end and it is hard. I understand that in a small town that you there aren’t very many churches to choose from. At that point, there might be a need to start a biblically based church. I would reach out to some church planting organizations to let them know. But I just see so many people making excuses to not go to church or then they church hop and never really have that fellowship that they should have in the body of Christ.

      It all needs to be bathed in prayer and we should definitely seek God….that’s another issue in the body of Christ….abiding in Christ, seeking Him with our whole hearts.

      God is faithful.


  2. janie

    Oh dear, my young Christian brother. Please look up the origin of the slang “suck.” It’s actually half of a very offensive phrase.

  3. zach

    So this is why we have really adopted a missional community model. One of the hardest things is teaching community people who have lost what that means. It is also hard to get people to learn that life is not about me. Church is not the building, it is the gathering of the redeemed people. Our goal is to have every attender gathering 3-4 times a week. once of the Sunday service, once for a meal shared together in a home, and once for smaller group bible study. then we also encourage groups of 3-4 people gathering men with men women with women to do more in depth study…But this takes TIME!!! and Energy and understanding its not about me! Great topic and understanding that we are on the mission field here in the USA it is a shift in thinking from me to we…..oh I could ramble on this topic forever…..keep fighting the good fight!

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