Has God Abandoned America?

Recently, a friend told me about a message by John MacArthur called “When God Abandons a Nation.”  The video was recorded in 2006. So it is easy to look back, almost 10 years, and see how America didn’t waiver from the path it is on now, even with warnings from Scripture – Romans 1:18:32.

I have heard some unfavorable things about John MacArthur recently, but the truth of what he shares here is pretty spot on.  You can view the video below, but if you want to read the text of the message – click here.


It just so happened that after I finished listening to the MacArthur sermon, I started listening to one by Francis Chan that looks at the same Scripture.  It was done on purpose, it just happened.  That sermon video is below too.  The actual sermon starts at about the 5:05 mark.

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7 thoughts on “Has God Abandoned America?

  1. dead2theworld

    I promised you I would not comment on Prepper Church articles anymore, but I evidently lied, because this is just too much. John MacArthur preaches the pretrib rapture, once saved always saved, and radically preaches the big lie of you can take the mark of the beast and still receive salvation. The man is looney as hooking a dead mule to a wagon. If you don’t post this commet I will understand and no friction with me. Peace and blessings. PS: Has God abandoned this Nation: No He did not: We evicted Him! Sad, so sad.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      I knew you would be back! 😉

      I agree with you. I did say that I had heard some unfavorable things…. But what he shares here is important. I didn’t want to take away from the message that he shares from Romans 1.


      1. dead2theworld

        I understand on the Romans 1 and agree. Peace unto you also Todd, I sincerely wish I could have the peace evident in your face. That must be really awesome. It is probably a feeling I will never have at this level of existence. God bless and thanks.

  2. GearJammer

    Apologies…I know this article wasnt meant to focus on him, but I would love to see ‘dead2theworlds” proof or anyone else’s, of MacArthur preaching on receiveing the mark and still being a child of God. I am honestly asking, because I’ve never heard this! Ive always been a huge fan of MacArthur, but if this is true, I would need to re-evaluate my opinion.
    Proof please!
    Thank you

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      I’ll email you directly. I don’t really want to take away from the Romans 1 message.


      1. Meatcutter

        I to like MacArthur, Also listen to J. Vernon Mcgee every morning I can.
        I believe in pre trib rapture, don’t think ill be around for the mark.
        TRULY ENJOY your post and share then at bible study.
        Would also like proof.

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