Hiding in Plain Site


Todd’s Note: This is a guest post by Dare Tuitt.

Donald Trump’s election victory has God’s fingerprints all over it.  As Christians we know this. But the MSM can’t see it and Clinton voters can’t see it, nor the NeverTrumpers.

Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, their limited paradigm, their world view, never saw Him for who He really was.  They were looking for someone so exalted he would be immediately recognized as the Jewish Savior to vanquish the Roman occupiers.  Instead, they created a false paradigm to inhabit, which exalted themselves over God and stopped obeying His commands and substituted their own rules instead, which they ruthlessly and rigidly enforced on the people.  Did you tie up an errant donkey on the Sabbath?  You were publicly shamed for doing so!

The Pharisees had a crew of “enforcers” too, just like the role of the MSM for the Clinton Campaign and Soros-paid thugs who continue to agitate in our streets; these are the same kind of culture police dispatched with Judas to Gethsemane to arrest Jesus.  In this kind of politically-correct atmosphere, it’s why Jesus spoke in parables.  His Truth was hidden in plain sight;  it was the Pharisee’s own blindness that separated them from the Savior come in the flesh.

Obviously, Donald Trump is not a figure like Jesus, but he is God’s chosen President for America at this time.  And the fact that so many who opposed him didn’t see it coming gives us an insight into our real power.

The cultural Marxists in America have created such a climate of exclusion, hate and demagoguery, that anyone who doesn’t agree with them are publicly shamed, talked down to and dismissed as “racists, Nazis, homophobes, and Haters.”  In such a politically correct climate, the people who were drawn to Trump’s candidacy simply stopped talking to pollsters and reporters.  Just like in Great Britain in the run up to the Brexit vote, people became weary of being told they were “racists, anti-immigrationists, anti-Islamists, etc” if they vote for their country to leave the EU.  All the propaganda, all the smears and lies, did not convince folks who understood in their hearts that England would cease to be England if they stayed in the EU.  People don’t want to be part of the New World Order!  They wanted more say-so over their lives and they want their cities, towns and villages to be safe from Muslim and Communist Extremists.

In America, Trump voters had been trying through several election cycles to get the attention of their representatives to stop the political and cultural slide of the country.  They did their part, but their votes didn’t deliver the changes so desperately needed.  It was time to finally smash the false gods erected on the hilltops and break the Asherah poles of the modern Pharisees, the cultural Marxists, MSM shills and those in the Republican Party who stealthily supported them all along.

The fact that so many didn’t see it coming displays them as they really are:  without real power at all.  Those who don’t follow God follow Satan, whether they do so consciously or not.  And by following the Father of Lies, they prefer the lies.  But lies are always a trap.  And their blindness to God is their Achilles Heel.

Now that we know God heard our prayers, what next?

Make it a priority to continue to obey His Word, repent of our sins and go to Him in prayer.  We voted the Bible, and must now hold our elected officials and ourselves accountable.  We must also speak Truth boldly before the modern day Pharisees, continue to tear down their idols and Asherah poles, and divest ourselves of their filth.

Even this can be done without much public fuss, as we understand we must not erect new Asherah poles for the old ones torn down, nor exalt ourselves over our God who heard our prayers.   Recognize that our real power is going to the Lord in prayer and then taking action through personal accountability.

Each of us has a measure of wealth to spend.  How we spend it is action taken either for Babylon or against it.  Therefore, dedicate yourself to spending money wisely and sharing it with those who truly share our values.  If Robert DeNiro blasphemes God and excoriates us, then don’t go see his movies!  Divest yourself of all the DVDs of his movies in your house!  As another so wisely put:  “We no longer patronize their products or buy movie tickets. We simply opt out of their world view.”

In another posting on a forum I stated, “How would Robert DeNiro’s “brand” be devalued if eBay was suddenly flooded with DVD’s for sale of his movies? You couldn’t GIVE them away

if suddenly there were 10-thousand of them up for sale on eBay. Would they notice?  We don’t have to make a show of burning or dumping his movies, because the slanted news story would be, “Just like Nazis book burners…

See how they censor and how small they are?” No…just put the stuff up for

sale. If there are any takers and you earn a few bucks, then spend it with businesses who share your values or give it to Christian ministries. Consider your dollars and any you may earn purging your home of their filth as a HUGE transfer of wealth back where it belongs! And who cares if it doesn’t sell?

Hidden in plain sight, it’s the symbolism of it all that will devalue their “brands.”

Consider divesting yourself of enabling the NWO elites who capture your money and whose plans are to enslave us and drive the Christians out.  Who sponsors the nightly news on MSNBC and CNN?  Make note of it and buy from a competitor.  Who says we have to enrich those who wouldn’t hesitate to harm us if Hillary had won the election?

Most of all, remember to pray for our enemies.  After all, they are blind and need Jesus so desperately now.  The Lord has been gracious enough to give us a reprieve from deserved judgment.  Let us be humble going forward, divest ourselves of the filth of Babylon, pray for our enemies and continue to occupy until He returns in faithfulness and compassion on those who are still lost.  Pray that our President Elect Trump and his family be protected with a very high hedge for the duration of his service to our country.

Continue to render to Caesar that which is his but from here on, let’s live our lives so God gets the glory!



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3 thoughts on “Hiding in Plain Site

  1. cindy g

    Thank you for this article. I have been somewhat fearful with all of the protests and hate talk. I will continue in prayer. The battle belongs to the Lord.

  2. Pam

    “They” must be concerned with “us” waking up, the harder they tried to discredit Trump the more they exposed themselves and the stronger the support for him became. If members of the electoral college make the mistake of putting the opponent in the office, the cat will be out of the bag.
    With the example Putin gave the world with the the oligarchs in Russia, “they” have to be nervous but greed often overrides cautious patience. Satan’s plans are consistent and generational. In general, our attention span is short and self-centered. If we can maintain focus and diligence we will grow in faith and Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

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