Is It Too Late? Our Reprobate Country and the Faithful Remnant.


by Dare Tuitt

During the Obama presidency, our hearts have grieved as we’ve watched our once blessed nation slide quickly down into unprecedented levels of moral wickedness, lawlessness, and violence.  We are now a majority nation of people who have been given over to a reprobate mind; millions cannot even show the backbone necessary to stand up to the filth and depravity by simply turning off their televisions!  Our college campuses are in meltdown as American youth cave to fears brought on by political sidewalk graffiti and jump to conclusions that, to older Americans, find laughable.  But we know this really isn’t

Most of the polls show that Christianity is in serious decline.  Politically and culturally, we as a people are more divided than ever.  In the moral vacuum that is America Babylon, liberal fascism is enacting a stranglehold over the land.  Where once people “agreed to disagree” over their differences, we now see those who desire no moral guidance whatsoever impose their lawlessness via intimidation and violence on those of us who still believe in God, the Bible and the rule of law.      

If you have been following the recent tactics of the Black Lives Matter thugs, with their disruptions and threats of disruptions of political candidates, then you are seeing history repeat itself with a vengeance.  The BLM is the modern equivalent of the Nazis era Brown Shirts, who used threats, intimidation, violence and murder to control Germany, usher in Hitler’s National Socialism and impose their agenda in the run-up to WWII.  Anyone or anything that expressed an opinion counter to Hitler’s Nazis Party was harassed, threatened, beaten, and eventually “disappeared.”  The similarities between the Nazis and the BLM are striking.

The forecast by those in the know tell us these BLM violent disruptions will continue through this election cycle.  But does anyone think for a moment it will stop there?  Indeed, very few arrests of the BLM demonstrators have happened wherever these disruptions occur, and the media spotlight gives them a national platform to dominate the political discussion.  Try as we do to counter this destructive force, they sense our weakness.  And when Evil gains an advantage over Good, it tries to kill the Good.  We know in our bones, this kind of thing will only get worse.  

President Obama has already told us he intends to use his last few months in office to make sure the vision and the agenda he imposed on the nation becomes bulletproof to alteration after he leaves.  If the Democrats win the Presidency again, we are in for more of the same on steroids, as chaos will be imposed (using BLM and other such organizations) to create more crisis so that Democrats can continue to enact their “solutions” for America; perpetually stripping us of more of our freedoms, Constitutional and Bill of Rights guarantees and a reveling in depravity, ad infinitum.

The history of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and his dream of a Third Reich parallels Obama’s rise and the Marxist Left in America at the present time.   In Hitler’s time, he was a community organizer and created rabble-rousing teams to infiltrate the opposition and disrupt their meetings and public events.  He used patriotic language as a cover to rally the German people while he imposed dictatorship and a stripping away of nearly all enumerated rights in Germany.  He certainly used law to impose second-class citizenship on German Jews, ultimately leading to the Final Solution.  Do you see the parallels to how American Christians are being treated today?  All that needs to happen next is Obama’s “Reichstag moment.”  Isn’t it time we recognize the writing on the wall and be more pro-active?  How should we respond to this?  

Many propose we pray for the nation and a Great Awakening – a revival on a scale like Nineveh.  This is akin to 2 Chronicles 7:14, which says “…My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  Does this still apply to us? Does God hear our prayers anymore?  Or has the nation now crossed the line to the point where God is imposing judgments on those determined to reject Him?  Do we have any hope of turning the trajectory of the nation around, or has evil triumphed in the short term?

Clearly, we need a “Nineveh moment” as a nation!  In fact, when Jonah was commanded by God to visit the King of Assyria in Nineveh, that account was the model of an apostate nation who heeds the warning and turns back to God.   

America has been warned repeatedly for decades on the consequences of their moral slide into the gutter yet most Americans do not seem to want to turn back to God.  Therefore, have we not crossed the line and instead entered into a time of God’s judgments on us, as in Jeremiah 7:16-17, and resemble the nation of Israel in Jeremiah’s day when God told him, “Do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry or prayer for them or make intercession for them, for I will not hear you.

In Elijah’s day, he had to run away from Jezebel who wanted to kill him because he showed up her priests of Baal on Mount Carmel.  When he could no longer run and was weary, he said to the Lord, “Just take me now because I am the only faithful one left!”  But the Lord answered him saying, “I have 7,000 who remain a faithful remnant.”  I would like to believe that among 335-million Americans, the Lord has much more than 7,000 as a faithful remnant.  And I know millions are praying daily for revival, for the country and for the church to wake up!  

But I also have to ask myself, where is the Great Awakening?  Where is the revival?  We continue to lose ground in the culture war and it’s looking more and more like the Lord has turned a deaf ear to our prayers.  Are we now a country that God already sees will not return from its wickedness?  And if so, what then?  How should the faithful remnant remain faithful going forward?  Can the original godly spirit of the country be salvaged and preserved, short of a deadly second civil war?  Is it time to try a last stand of remnant believers to attempt to effect a national election or to come out from among them and create a de facto nation within a nation?  How can the remnant stand to the end and best protect themselves and help others, not only to survive, but help lead others to the Savior?

The American Redoubt movement has been quietly and profoundly going forward for many years, and like-minded people in all redoubt areas are awakening to the call of God to shelter and protect the remnant who may need to seek refuge and soon.  Given the current climate of intimidation by the Marxist Left,  and Obama’s determination to leave his impact on the country through orchestrated chaos, this seems prudent.

Are you called to give refuge?  Has your church heeded this call and started to prepare for Christian refugees?  Some churches are setting up protected retreats in redoubt areas.  This may be a workable solution for those who cannot afford to do so individually.  Could it be that THIS is why Christian preppers prepare?  Why we were born for such a time as this?  With all the signs of our current national chaos, and it’s parallels to Nazis Germany, isn’t it time to take seriously the admonishment to come out from among them?

What we leave behind could still help plant the seeds for those now lost, to come to Jesus after the Lord returns for His bride.



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