Is that God You Hear?

I’m very glad to have noticed the amount of Christians in the Preparedness Community.  When I first started in preparedness, I wasn’t seeing too much Christian based preparedness.  It was there, just not in any big numbers.  Over the years, I have met, talked to and heard from many Christians who prep!

I’m worried though.  When the Poop Hits the Fan, Christians need to be careful to continue to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.  If you are saved, you are a Christian first, then however else you want to label yourself.  That doesn’t change when the hammer drops!!!!  Again, let me say, the Word of God, faith, Christianity, doesn’t go out the window when the Poop Hits the Fan!!!

It will be important to identify and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit when you need Him most during TEOTWAWKI.  But the key is that you start now!  We have a personal relationship with Jesus.  And just like any relationship, the more you spend time with someone, the better you know them, the easier it is for you to identify their voice.  This is the same with walking with the Lord.

I recently listened to a sermon that I think is one of the best messages I ever heard in identifying and knowing the voice of God in your life.  I would recommend that every Christian listen to it.

We are going to come on hard times.  We will need to depend on our family and friends, and our preps.  But we will need to depend on God and our faith in Him even more!  At some point, everything in this world will fade away, but your life in Jesus will last forever!

After you listen to the message, let me know what you think below.


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One thought on “Is that God You Hear?

  1. Rev. Peter DePaoli

    This was a great teaching on discerning the Lord’s will in our decision making. We have taught very similar material in our discipleship course through our ministry. There is much clairvoyance in the church that masks itself as a “thus saith the Lord” and confuses even a long time believer. It continues to get darker as we have birthed many “make believers” in our watered down gospel of the American church. Thank you for posting this timely teaching.

    We are also a prepping church, equipping those who have ears to hear in our area here in the Northwest.

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