Judgment is Coming. You Don’t Need to Be a Bible Expert!

Judgement is Coming

We all know the saying, “If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, well then it’s a _____.” However, we all know people that can’t bring themselves to think logically for just a minute and see the days we are living in, even if you try and spell it out for them.

As preppers, we know the importance of keeping an eye on the things that can cause us and our families to be put in harms way.  We plan and prep for a myriad of possibilities.

As Christians, we know that there will be a time when “The End Times” will come and Bible prophecy will start to unfold right before our eyes.  I remember hearing when I was young, you can’t take the current headlines and force them to apply to Bible prophecy.  But I say, at some point in history, they will!

Many are believing that we are close…very close.

And the thing is, you don’t have to be a Bible prophecy expert to think that pain is going to come to our country…and soon…

Even if you take all of ” The End Times” prophecy aspect out of the conversation, we still serve a God that deals with sin.  And this country is pumping out sin like the Sun on a hot Texas summer day!

Are we at the point of no return?  I think we will find out soon enough.

What does this all mean for Christian Preppers?

It means we prep.  Prepping just makes sense.  It makes sense because bad things happen in our world.  But we also approach it from a Christian perspective.  As Christian’s we know that there could be a time when we are persecuted for our faith or there could be a time when God brings judgement down on our nation because of the path it has been on.  Either way, IF we are still here, we should be prepared… Not to horde it up for ourselves and our families, but instead so that we can help ourselves and our families.  At the same time, we can help others and be a light.  I’ve discussed this in a video – OPSEC for CHRISTIANS and Mutual Assistance Groups – M.A.G.s – Friends for TEOTWAWKI!

I’m saying all this to share a video that a sister in the Lord shared with me.

I will say I almost didn’t watch it.  The women calls herself a prophetess.  I’m very leary of people who call themselves by those names: apostle, bishop, prophet….  Her voice also goes really soft sometimes. It’s kind of annoying to me.  I kind of had the same reaction when I first started listening to Jacob Prasch.  (don’t hate)  But I pushed through because this Sister in the Lord sent it to me.

She doens’t say anything that I don’t already believe, in regards to what is happening in our country.  And, she says some things that helped me to snap back into focusing on some preps.


What do you think? Share you thoughts below.


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2 thoughts on “Judgment is Coming. You Don’t Need to Be a Bible Expert!

  1. JWH

    A prophetess?
    When that which is perfect is come (God’s completed word of scripture) that which is in part (supernatural gifs, signs, and wonders) shall be done away with. Please read 1 Corinth 13: 8-13.

    If one claims any supernatural, extra biblical revelation then understand he/she is delusional, lieing, or is being used by Satan to deceive you in to believing God is working in this manner today. We walk by faith not sight (1 Corinth 5:7). Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the WORD of God (Rom 10:17). Therefore our truth and understanding come ONLY through scripture. We must not let emotion and flesh (walking by sight) replace walking by faith (believing from scripture that which we cannot see).

    God is still dealing with sin? Are you saying that there is still sin left to be judged by God that was not put away by Christ at Cavalry? Did Christ die for the sins of the world (1 Tim 4:10; 1 John 2:10)? Yes! Are there any sins that were not placed upon Christ at the cross? God has reconciled THE WORLD unto Himself and HE IS NOT IMPUTING SIN UPON ANYONE TODAY (2 Corinth 5:18-21). It is not a sin issue today but rather a Son issue. All of the world’s sins were paid for by Christ at Calvary. The free gift of salvation comes unto all and upon all that believe (Rom 3:21-22).

    The gift of salvation is not having your sins forgiven (scripture proves that all sin was dealt with and judged at the cross) but instead being baptized by the Holy Spirit into Christ and having His righteousness imputed to your account the moment you place your trust in Christ dieing and paying for your sins AT CALVARY. The wage of sin is death and who took that death in your stead? Christ!

    There is nothing left to be done today for all of this work was completed 2000 years ago at calvary. Religion = do do do. Grace through the gospel of Christ = done done done.

    While your website offers sound advice on prepping, I ask that in light of the scriptures I shared with you to please reconsider the religious message you are propagating. These are serious matters and I beseech you to have discussions with me to see if I speak the truth. Please be a Berean to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11)


  2. Todd Sepulveda Post author

    When we take in information, we always filter it through our own perspectives and perceptions. As Christian’s we do that, but most certainly understand that the filter of the Word of God is the final authority.

    I received an email from a friend in regards to the post above. Let me be clear…

    When I hear Trump is a decoy, I hear that he is not the answer. I’ve seen many Christian’s on social media excited that he is leading because they think that it means Hillary won’t get the presidency and that = God blessing America again.

    It doesn’t matter if Clinton, Trump or even Cruz becomes president. When Christian’s look to a political system for the answer to fix a spiritual problem, they are going to be gravely disappointed.

    When God started putting pressure on Israel to turn from their sin of worshiping false Gods, the answer was not in getting another country (political) to help them fight the invading armies. It was always a turning back to God that was the answer. He fought for them!

    I’m not saying not to vote or to vote or anything like that. The whole purpose of posting the video above was to get Christian’s to see the perspective that this election cycle is not going to fix this country.

    Below is my friend’s email…

    Hi Todd,
    I watched your posting of the prophetess speaking on Trump being a “decoy.”

    She is not the only one in the Black Church who is claiming such a vision from God and they are all using the same word “decoy.”

    There is some evidence this has been organized by the Clinton campaign and may not be genuine. They are very afraid of losing a significant portion of the black vote.

    In my heart I do not believe that either candidate will be the ‘savior’ of America. I think we are past the point of no return. However, I do believe Trump is being used to shake loose things to allow for the final harvest. I also firmly believe that a vote for any Democrat is now a vote for the spirit of Antichrist. I have no illusions that Republicans are also sinners, but they do not enshrine evil in their party platform like Democrats do.

    I do not know which ‘prophet’ to believe, but in the spirit of equal treatment, please post these two videos showing another vision of Trump as having the hand of God on him. Both are necessary to fully elucidate this subject :

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