Living Life With No Regrets

Everyone of us understands regret.  We didn’t make that purchase when it was on sale, now we have to pay full price.  We didn’t change the oil and now we are paying big money for engine repair.  We didn’t tell someone we loved them enough and they are no longer with us.

While we are here on Earth, we can make changes to stop living in regret.  We can choose what is important and make those things a high priority in our lives.  But…  But when we breathe our last and go to Heaven (if you have made Jesus Christ your Lord and Master), we won’t have the opportunity to come back and tell others the Gospel message.

There will be no tears or pain in Heaven.  There probably won’t be any regret either.  But we understand regret here and now.  We know that this is our chance to make a difference.

I hope you listen to this week’s Focused Moment and even share it out with someone who might need to hear.




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