Obedience, Faith and Another Reason for Christians to Prep


One of the arguments against prepping that I hear from many Christian’s is that it doesn’t show faith and trust in God.  I usually point to stories in the Bible like Noah and Joseph, stories where God’s people had to prepare.

But there might be another argument that we can share, that might help convince our non-prepping Christian brothers and sisters.

The video below is an episode of Ancient Jewish Wisdom with Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  He discusses a story in the Bible when a widow had to be obedient BEFORE God did a miracle in her life.  Many times, God wants us to activate our faith.

This is meaningful even for those of us who do prep.  For example, you can be super prepared. But in some of the scenarios that come up, like the real long term ones, your preps will eventually run out.  You will need to depend on God to help stretch and give you insight and direction on how to make it.

Anyway, I think this episode provides some great spiritual truths and like I said, can provide you with another point of discussion when trying to help Christians see that prepping does not show a lack of faith.


Let me know what you think below.


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