Should Christian Preppers Embrace Suffering?

As preppers, the very reason we prep is to minimize the suffering that our family would go through during an emergency or poop hit the fan scenario.  We stock up!  We plan!  We keep watch!  Some call us weird because of it all.

We know that “when” it happens, there will be pain and suffering.  But how should we see the suffering?  Should we welcome it?  I’m talking specifically to Christian Preppers!

Now, I’m not saying that we go looking for it!  I’m not saying we should not prep!  What I’m saying, is when the pain and suffering comes, how should we respond? How should we respond because we are first Christians, then Preppers!

I’m putting this out there because I recently listened to a message by Francis Chan.  He is at a conference and discussing Ministering to Unreached People Groups (2015).  He really gets to his message about halfway into the video.  There he shares the story of a leader in China and how they view suffering.  It is powerful!  This view is so far outside of the view of American Christianity.  I challenge you to watch it.

I’m also including the video of the same conference from a year later (2016).  It is just as powerful! And he discussed his previous year.

Don’t give up!  Have faith in God! Press in to Him!  He will never fail you!





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3 thoughts on “Should Christian Preppers Embrace Suffering?

  1. L. Martin

    Very thought provoking . We really do not like to think that we will suffer persecution, but as a believer we must expect it to occur in our lives .It can be a challenge to deal with it . Praise God we will not be alone.

  2. Zach

    Francis has some hard teaching on suffering. I do like his teaching though. Matt Chandler has some good teaching on it as well. I found this study that had some good points to be made.
    Ultimately I think we in the Western church have lost the understanding of suffering and the role it plays in the believers life. We think if we stub our toe we are suffering….a study of church history will reveal that the church has always grown under suffering. I was watching a different video of Francis where he was talking about how in the under ground church there are not nominal Christians…that is a phenomenon of the western church. Because when your Christianity cost you something you value it more

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