Spiritual Preparedness: 5 Considerations Before and After the Poop Hits the Fan!

Spiritual preparedness is the most important type of preparedness because it is eternal.  In this video, I talk about 5 considerations of spiritual preparedness that Christian’s should be thinking about now and after the poop hits the fan!


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8 thoughts on “Spiritual Preparedness: 5 Considerations Before and After the Poop Hits the Fan!

  1. Janet

    The best message yet. I would only add one thing to it. Praise! Praise the Lord through the good times and the bad.

  2. Marcia

    Todd, this was great spiritual guidance; sort of meat of spiritual prepping. I had been praying that God would give me something to put in the church bulletin about how close we are to the end without sounding like we all need AK47’s. I know the church members see the signs, as most of the world, but they maybe don’t know how to include God. It is sometimes hard to bring up prepping because I get told if you prep you don’t trust God. I say God’s Word says people will gain knowledge yet never learning. If God tells us how its going to be, He is guiding his children to not just gain the knowledge of what He is giving us, but learn what to do with what He has given in all things.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      Thanks Marcia. I share a little about commonsense in my video about Prepared Lessons from the Story of Noah. It will be out soon.


    2. shadows_edge

      Pslams 22:3 is but one verse that comes to mind that says very plainly to prepare, god is constantly through out the bible telling us to prepare. Noah is another great reference point for prepping for lack of a better word. God provides for those who provide for them selves. Look at it this way if the other person is wright and there is no need to prepare then its a win win. However the more likely outcome from my thinking is that we should be getting ready for the tribulation or any teotwawki event irrelevent of size. and if we are ready and the poo hits the spinning turbine whos the winner? The person who was vigilatant saw danger and made ready for it. Some what one side because I hate to see people suffer needlessly but some people simply won’t listen

  3. Thelma

    Thank you for your visit…the guns have become such a huge factor in our lives, we need to know what you are saying about them.. Your talks are so easy to understand, it is refreshing.

    1. Marcia

      Some People I know look at preppers as people who find land and arm themselves. I live in the city limits, next to some woods; have guns, but I also have knives and a slingshot; gunshot sound says ” I’m here”. I never could grow anything to eat, so I would rely on what God allows me to save up and brings to me to eat and water to drink. I believe we will see the beginnings of the end but being saved God will take his children out. There seems to be so many ways coming mentioned in September 2015 all over the internet; God’s Word says no man knows the day or hour. Over the years with storms and water main breaks, we need to prep for even the little things. I love God more than anyone or anything and would love to just be in the wild in a shed with His rainwater and His protection and His guidance. Not working out at the moment, but God has us where He wants us; and I will follow Him whom I love. Praise God!

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