The Barrier to Living Completely Prepared!

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There is a venue where I officiate weddings about 15 minutes from my home.  And although I live in suburbia, the route that I take takes me through rural parts to Tomball, Texas.  One Saturday, I was heading to do a wedding when I stopped at the Telge and 2920 intersection.  There on the corner, behind some barbed wire, were cows laying down in a circle.  The picture that was burned in my mind that day was of this one cow that was standing in the middle of the other cows who were laying down.  There in the middle of this circle, this cow was pooping something fierce.  And……it didn’t seem to bother the other cows.

Now, i know that cows are not humans, but GROSS!

As I made my turn to head into Tomball, I thought about how many people live this way.  They are happy to be hanging out among the poop!

Can you identify?  Do you know people who rather stay around the poop of life instead of getting out of that scene and moving to greener pastures?  I mean, some people are just gluttons for the nastiness of life….  I know you are holding your nose right now!

But in reality, we were all in the poop at one time!  Can I do a switch-a-roo on you and exchange poop with another word that is worse than poop?  Here it goes…  But in reality, we were all in sin at one time!

Sin is worse than poop.  It is ugly and nasty, but more than that, it keeps us from God.  To me, that’s worse than poop!

Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (HCSB)

Now, many people don’t care that their sin has caused them to fall short of the glory of God.  They don’t care because they don’t care about God.  They don’t think they need God.  They don’t need to be saved by Jesus.  They are fine on their own…until, they need God!

And everyone will realize they need God at some point.  It might be tomorrow, next week, or a year from now.  It could be when they are depressed or lost or at their wits end.  Hopefully it won’t be at the end of days, when the last trumpet sounds, because then it will be too late.

Don’t let it ever get too late!  You see, sin is the barrier that keeps you from God.  Not because God can’t take it, but because God is a just God and has to deal with it!  Romans 6:23a says, For the wages of sin is death.”  If you sin, then you deserve to die.  The cool thing about God is that He made a way to remove the barrier of sin from our life.  The second part of Romans 6:23 says, For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

He doesn’t ever make you pay for it!  He takes the barrier away and it doesn’t cost you anything…but accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior….oh….and your life!  Yes, your life.  God wants all of you!  He desires a deep relationship with you, not one that only takes place on Sunday morning and two holidays of the year!  He wants you to spend time with Him.  This happens by reading His Word, prayer and fellowship with the community of saints.  And once you truly experience the love of God, the filling of the Holy Spirit, His peace breaking into your heart, you will never want to go back!

Have you ever accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  It’s as simple as saying a prayer.  You don’t need any special words.  You just need to ask Jesus into your heart.

Are you a Christian and maybe aren’t fulling giving Jesus the attention He deserves.  Is He an afterthought, after you finish YOUR goals?  If so, choose to put Him first in your life today.

Let me leave you with a few questions:

  • When was the last time you read your Bible?  You should be deliberate and not just jump around reading selected verse.  Download the free Bible log in the resource section.
  • When was the last time you took some serious time to pray on your own, outside of church, eating a meal or some special holiday?
  • Are you attending a local church?  Remember, no church is going to be perfect!
  • Are you struggling or are you at peace?
  • Have you shared your faith with anyone lately?

There is nothing more important than your relationship with God!  It is the one thing that you should care about, more than anything else!

Prepper Application

Your salvation and relationship with God is the ultimate prep!  Food, water and guns will all fade away, but eternity will not.  After this life is over, we know that we will be with Him in Heaven.  I want to be prepared for that!

Many of you in the preparedness community know the person in the video below.  Scott Hunt, aka Engineer 775, shared his testimony on his Youtube channel not too long ago.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can watch it now.  I hope you will be inspired to remove any barriers from your life and share the hope of Jesus with someone else.


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