The Preaching You’re Not Hearing Now!

What has God called you to?  What kind of living?  What kind of spiritual living?  Are you encouraged to do that in your Christian walk?  Are the people speaking into your life, giving you the true Word of God, or are you getting little bits and pieces?  Are you being challenged to live a Holy Life or are you given excuses to not deal with sin?

There was a time in this country when the Word of God was delivered with the Power of God!  It’s a shame that most have to find that in days gone by.

Do yourself a favor and spend an hour listening to Leonard Ravenhill.  Try to think back to the last time you heard a preacher saying these things in today’s pulpit!

Note: The video is a little blurry… This was before HD video cameras.  But I promise that it will be well worth it!


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