They Hate Us – But We Were Warned!

They hate us, but we were warned!  So what are we going to do about it?  How do we navigate this time?



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3 thoughts on “They Hate Us – But We Were Warned!

  1. Dare Tuitt

    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for this teaching on this topic today. I have been thinking a lot about this because I have seen the level of hatred and vitriol directed at Believers – especially in news forums. As you well know, Christians have been labelled as haters by the Left. They have successfully defined for the rest of the culture that Christianity is ‘evil’ and anything other than Christianity is ‘good.’ As you know, telling the Truth about sin with people always opens one up to attacks. I remind my accusers they hated Him first. And I tell them the Truth, not out of hate, but of concern and compassion. In fact, NOT telling them the Truth about their separation from God because of sin and their need for Jesus would really be hateful! If Christians didn’t care about the lost, we would do nothing to bring them the Good News and most likely they will send themselves to Hell. But then we would not really be Christians if we did that.

    I’ve found that it doesn’t matter how it’s brought up, but the long knives really come out from the lost – especially because they don’t want to hear what they do is wrong. My zeal for the Lord sometimes takes me out of bounds in my responses to those who are especially vicious and hateful. It’s something I pray about often. So I have kept to some themes which leads readers to You Tube videos of other teachers who are much more articulate than I am.

    You mentioned how some are saying the country is as divided as it was during Civil War times. Sad to say, but it’s worse now than during Civil War times. 150 years ago, America was a Christian nation and there was no doubt about that. Both sides of the conflict were church-goers and serious Believers. It’s worse now, because then, there were Christians on both side of the Mason-Dixon Line and even during the heat of battle, thousands of stories emerged from that conflict that showed the love of the Lord between combatants. Today, it has reached the point where the Left actively roots for Satan in bringing down a Christian! They have become a satanic army even more willing now than before, to put Christians to death and think they are doing God a favor. Judging by their ongoing response to President Trump’s victory, it is no longer out of bounds for Democrats to show their utter disdain for Christians, and especially conservative Christians.

    We live in a time where Believers have to thread a needle: Actively walk with God every day, and at the same time, come out from among the rest of the unsaved culture. It is important to come out from among them because it has been near fully given over to the Antichrist spirit. Satan’s army are now identifying more and more openly with Islam and sharia law, even here in America. Their Trump hatred is so acute, can the country ever risk giving the Left real political power again? I’m convinced if/when they ever do regain the WH and Congress, they will quickly move to eliminate their enemies for good instead of tolerate them any longer. Currently, the attacks are covert and stealthy, but each time one of their evil plans is exposed to the light by God, the American Left become more enraged. They are literally out of their minds. Our existence is an existential threat to them.

    Yet if we come out from among them, we can stay relatively peaceful and focused on the tasks at hand: continue to tell the Truth to the lost; planting seeds and leaving bread crumbs for them to find Jesus. This is not easy to do. It requires balance and everything around us is out of balance.

    Daily prayer and staying close to God is the only way to stay balanced and focused on our real work now. Not easily done in our culture with all it’s distractions and compromises. Which is why the Lord is allowing this persecution: to help get the Remnant Believers focused.

    The Antichrist culture is actively digging a grave to place us in so we are literally preaching with one foot in a hole. And too many denominations it seems have already given up and have given themselves over to the world, and have so compromised the faith, it’s no longer Christianity. Only the remnant remains, and the remnant is being marginalized, openly disdained and in some places, martyred. How can we ‘come out from among them’ while still staying engaged enough to reach the lost, yet not compromise the message to conform to the world? Seems like that is a nearly impossible task! Not if you distill it down to prayer.

    Have you noticed that prayer itself is now under attack? The Left ridicules prayer as not effective at all. But we know prayer is very powerful and it works. I believe prayers literally moved the Lord to allow a little more time in America under a Trump Administration, for Christians to help bring in the final harvest before the time of the Gentiles be full. So it might be useful to hear how to pray for enemies; and about protecting ourselves from evil. We hear a lot about “put on the full armor of God.” But HOW do you do that? Many people don’t understand this and don’t know. If we are living in a time where we have more evil to deal with, while being woefully unprepared and not as grounded in the Word as we should be, and the time of testing is here – then pastors need to share the crib notes!

  2. pba

    How come the US is Christian? Is that not just (another) invasive middle eatern religion? Most americans have their roots in Europe, and Europe has not been Christian for THAT long. Go back to the Vikings or the Celts, that is where the roots are the deepest. 1000’s and 1000’s of years before the Christian faith took over, just like a lot of people are afraid Islam is going to do now. Back to the roots?

    1. vocalpatriot

      there were always non Christians among us. America is a Christian nation because most people in America are Christian and because it was founded by Christians for the purpose of religious freedom, NOT freedom FROM religion as some would have us think. The choice of religion is personal to each American and a core tenet of Christianity is that each of us must make that choice, without a government swaying us in any direction.

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