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We are so blessed in today’s time.  We have so many resources at our fingertips that helps us to draw closer to God.  Bibles, commentaries, Youtube videos and sermons can all be found online for free!  Many of these things you had to pay for in the old days…some of you will remember buying sermon series from radio programs, etc…  Yeah, that’s old school!

I often hear from many preppers that are attending churches where they feel the Word of God is watered down.  I believe that this is an issue in today’s church and it will only get worse.  There is so much “weirdness” in the church right now that you really have to know the Word, discern through the Holy Spirit and choose to stand in prayer for your church or eventually walk (to another church) in boldness, if you are convinced that you are only hearing messages that “tickle ears.”

Today, I was reminded about one of my favorite preachers, who doesn’t have a problem telling it like it is.  The pastor is Jim Cymbala of The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

I was first introduced to Pastor Cymbala from a set of 3 tapes (yes you read TAPES) that were from a pastor’s conference Pastor Cymbala preached at in California.  I believe the conference was held at Jack Hayford’s church.

One of the ladies that attended our church moved to California because her husband’s job was relocated.  Seeing her faith and her desire to serve, her new pastor gave her the tapes.  She quickly made copies and sent them to my pastor at the time.  I listened to those tapes over and over again.  I liked the message so much that I started looking for books and other tape series that Pastor Cymbala had out.  To my dismay, he had none.  By the way, I made copies of my copies and passed them out to everyone I knew.

It wasn’t till years later, when I was wasting some time in a bookstore, when I saw a copy of Pastor Cymbala’s book, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.  I bought it and didn’t put it down.  The book was basically a retelling of the tapes I received earlier, just with more detail.  But now, I could underline, read and reread what I was putting in my spirit.  Later, Pastor Cymbala wrote more books that I picked up as well.

I just learned that he wrote, Storm: Hearing Jesus for the Times We Live In.  He links the images of Hurricane Sandy to the storm the church is facing.

A few years after starting my church, I learned that I could subscribe to Pastor Cymbala’s tape ministry.  The church would send me messages on tape (yes, I said tape) in sets of 4.  I listened to all of them many times.  I just recently gave them away, since I don’t have a way to play them.

But, that doesn’t mean that I will never get to listen to his messages.  You can listen to Pastor Cymbala’s messages online.  Actually, you can listen to the audio version or watch the webcast.

Anyway, I mentioned that I recently was reminded about Pastor Cymbala (I’ve been too busy with preparedness) when I stumbled upon another show, one that I listened to when I was a kid.  Pastor Cymbala was interviewed on Point of View.  You can listen to his interview here (start at the 45:00 mark).

I want to leave you with this last thought, you are responsible for growing in God.  You should be purposeful in putting the “things of God” inside of you.  That means that you need to turn some junk off and turn some things on.  I recently talked about this in a video called, Spiritual Preparedness: 5 Considerations Before & After the Poop Hits the Fan!

I hope you take some time to click on some of these links and listen to Pastor Cymbala’s interview and even some of his messages.  I know you will be blessed!





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