WARNING: Be Careful What You Place In Front Of You!

What influences you?  Are you sure?




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18 thoughts on “WARNING: Be Careful What You Place In Front Of You!

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      Bob, Jesus is the answer. Have you given your life to Jesus? That’s the starting place for every issue, every sin.

          1. Bob

            Do you want it via the forum or private message/e-mail? I’ll be back at my pc later on today.

          2. Todd Sepulveda Post author

            It’s up to you? But if you feel comfortable putting it here, you might have more than just me providing some feedback and praying for you.

          3. Bob

            Here’s what’s going on:
            1. Been hooked on porn since the age of 16 (now 54)
            2. Overweight (303 lbs at 5’10”)
            3. $18K in debt (Down from over $$105K)
            4. Been hospitalized 2x for suicidal ideations (voluntary admittals)
            5. Single, never married, no kids
            6. Self-harm from a sado-masochistic sexual point of view
            7. Lonely
            8. Feeling like an abject failure to God first and everyone else right behind that
            9. A woman I’ve been talking to on a serious basis will inform me at the end of next week
            if she wants to pursue things further or just be “friends”. She and her 2 teenage girls
            have visited me and I just recently spent time with them. As an aside, I found out that
            I adore her kids and they told me that they love me and wish I was their dad. Her ex
            cheated on and abused her for well over a decade
            10. As a follow up, I really enjoyed the time there as I was able to get away from the
            “routine” I’ve been stuck in but now (with getting back to a stressful job), it’s all
            starting up again.
            11. In feeling like a failure, I can’t help but think that no matter what I do from this point
            on, I cannot do God’s plan for my life which was revealed to me 29 years ago that
            I’ve bungled badly.

            That’s all for now.

          4. Todd Sepulveda Post author


            When we give our life to Jesus, there is nothing you can do to earn that. It is a complete free gift from God. But after salvation, there is the process of sanctification that should be taking place, when we become more like Jesus. Again, I’m not talking works here, just in case anyone wants to jump on that bandwagon, but I am talking about getting to a point where you love Jesus so much that He is the one you live for. When you get there, you no longer want to live to please the flesh, but the spirit.

            Now, this isn’t some “magical” place you get to. This is you desiring to want nothing more than to glorify God. To use a reference from your list, it seems like you have enjoyed being in the presence of this woman and her kids. I’m sure you can imagine spending time with her and that a life with her and her kids would be meaningful and fulfilling. Why not have that with Jesus?

            So this is my advice, my advice to anyone I speak to about getting close to Jesus.

            Spend time consuming big amounts of Scripture. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
            Develop your prayer life. Prayer is simply talking to Jesus and listening to.
            Go to church. I didn’t ask you if you were doing this. But if you are, you should be speaking to your pastor about the above things. He should be a spiritual mentor speaking into your life. Many people tell me they can’t find a good church. However, no church is going to be perfect. Make an effort to get involved somewhere! No excuses!
            Get involved with a Men’s Group. We are greatly missing this in the church! Find some men that can hold you accountable to your walk with the Lord. Going to church and being a part of a men’s group will help with the loneliness.
            God is never done with you. Depression and feelings of failure are not from Him.

            Many issues come from not “seeking first His Kingdom.” You will never be disappointed when you press in to Him.


  1. Dare Tuitt

    Great reminder, Todd! I turn on a Netflix movie I’ve never seen before and as soon as I hear or see anything inappropriate I turn it off. And chalk it up as another movie I can’t watch. I’ve found that older films (1930-early 1960’s) are safe. But blasphemy and overt sex starts to creep into the movies from about the mid-1960’s and still goes on. I’v also found the the older I get the more I enjoy listening to the sermons and teachings of great pastors and teachers. You Tube is amazing for engaging materials from these types of sources. My favorite lately has been Chuck Missler’s teaching on the heptadic structure of the Bible (God’s signature proving He wrote it!). In 2 parts, take a look:

    Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flbaJfRwYxM
    Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxYwLvtnoyc

  2. John Joseph Flanagan

    I believe the Internet is both a benefit and a curse. It is beneficial and helpful in communicating and in sharing information. It is a curse because it gives easy access to pornography, vain and puerile pursuits, gossip, and destructive influences of all kinds. A believer in the Lord must view the Internet with extreme caution. It is a powerful tool of Satan to draw you away from God, away from productive things, away from reading one’s Bible. The Internet is a huge addiction for many millions today. If we stay within its utilitarian uses, we are safe, but we all need to place limitations on its effects. It feeds the human need for vanity and self promotion, and if one is not careful….it will do much to draw you away from the things of God.
    My advice; limit use of your computer. Be more engaged with your family and church in real time. Walk away from your computer unless there is something essential you need to do. Take a walk outside. Make up your mind to be closer to the Lord. The days are evil.

    1. Robert/Bob

      I don’t have a family and I’m not in the “in” group at church with regards to a men’s fellowship. Between being a reject in dealing with people (esp. women) and being treated like crap at work, I’m ready to just check out and call it a day as far as life is concerned.

      1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


        You know that is not the answer. I totally understand about not being in the “in” group at church. Many churches can be very clickish. If you can, connect with 2-3 men. If you need to, find a church with a strong Men’s Ministry. I would encourage you to get into the Word. I know that I always sound repetitive, that is what people tell me. But the power of the Word and prayer is not matched. God’s Word is alive! Romans 10:17 says that Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ. When we get into the Word, it starts to build faith.

        What city are you located in? Feel free to email me. todd [dot] sepulveda [@] prepperwebsite [dot] com.


        1. Robert/Bob

          I’m located in Southern MD about 25 miles outside of DC. Now today was not only a bad day at work but I had a nasty fall on my way into church with laying on the ground in great pain in the dark with no one around. Also, seemingly out of nowhere, a nasty rash broke out in the same area where I’ve been experiencing severe leg pain. I’ve royally blown what was revealed to me as God’s Plan almost 30 yrs ago and since I’ve done that, I see no logical reason to keep on trying. Almost forgot a bad case of vitiligo which makes me two-tone as well and unpleasant to look at.

          1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

            If I can locate someone to speak with you and get you involved in a church, are you open to it?


  3. Scott Todd

    Bob- If you’re anywhere near Severn Run, try the “Church at Severn Run.” I know one of the pastoral staff there and it’s a good church.

    1. Bob

      I’m not near that church given how far south in Maryland I live. Perhaps I might be able to periodically meet up with the staff member you mentioned.

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