What Can You Do?

I read a lot of articles to narrow down what I’m going to post on Prepper Website.  As a result, I read a lot of articles with a negative bent that stress “the end is near.”

I don’t know how people without faith in God do it!  All the negativity and worry could really wear you down! I can’t imagine not having faith in a God that changes the whole purpose of living on this world!  Yes, Christian Preppers prepare for major events and situations, just like any other prepper, but we are also making the “ultimate preparations,” a life given over, dedicated to Jesus Christ!

This specific sermon is really relevant to preppers.  I would encourage you to read the description below and then listen to the message.

Let me know what you think below in the comment section.

Description: Watching world events can bring discouragement and fear. Instead of throwing up our hands and asking: “What can you do? You will be encouraged with this message. Pastor Cymbala shares exactly what you can do. Psalm 11:1-3, 4-6; Rom 10:11 (NIV)




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One thought on “What Can You Do?

  1. Tahoejohn

    I agree Todd; many people never recognize God in their lives. Most people I know write-off the little miracles in life as coincidence but somehow I have always known God is helping me when I am righteous-always! I am a Marine with many life experiences and I have been saved more than once. God is always there to protect us doing the good deed.

    Semper Fi and Merry Christmas everyone

    Gunny O

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