PRAYER – March 23, 2015

NOTE: When I was emailed with the idea of including a prayer post, I thought it was a great idea!  The hope for this prayer and others like it that you might find on this website and receive through subscribing to the email list, is that it will provide the Christian Prepper with a prayer that would start their week or even start every morning or prayer time.  Feel free to include your  own prayer in the comments if you feel led to.  Also, please feel free to forward this link or email to your praying friends!


Dear Heavenly Father,

You are Creator of all things; from the immense universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, to the tiniest unseen particles of matter that make up your building blocks for all Life. Lord I am humbled when I think about You and know you are a God of your Word and I am convicted in my heart when I know You exhort us to pray for our enemies.

Lord, please send revival to America! The enemies of your children are encircling us and preparing their final assault. So many of us are far from You, Lord and need a drastic change in our hearts! Please send such a change to help President Obama. Help him to be a better leader for all the people and to lead his family as You desire men to lead their families, setting a good example for his wife and children.

Please send conviction to each of your servants and strengthen us for the tasks at hand in this dark hour. Help us reach the yet unsaved that they may be saved before Your soon return, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name


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