Prayer – March 30, 2015

NOTE: When I was emailed with the idea of including a prayer post, I thought it was a great idea!  The hope for this prayer and others like it that you might find on this website and receive through subscribing to the email list, is that it will provide the Christian Prepper with a prayer that would start their week or even start every morning or prayer time.  Feel free to include your  own prayer in the comments if you feel led to.  Also, please feel free to forward this link or email to your praying friends!

Dear Heavenly and Most Merciful Father,

Lord, in this season of Palm Sunday and Resurrection Day, we come to You with heavy hearts.

We saw this week how a mentally depressed co-pilot of a passenger jet airplane deliberately crashed his flight into a mountain in France, committing suicide and killing all others on board. Lord we hold up to you the families and loved ones of the innocent victims, including the family of the co-pilot, and ask that you heal their hearts, strengthen them as they bury their loved ones and provide for them to draw closer to You.

This week we also learned our President authorized the release of classified information that revealed secrets about Israel’s nuclear weapons to her enemies. Lord we know you see everything. You know what’s in our hearts and You are just. We fear for our nation Lord, as our President continues to do harm to Israel, the apple of your eye. We seek to bless Israel, not curse it. We ask that you override the malevolent actions of the few who do not represent the beliefs of the many who faithfully love Israel, as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Lord, we pray for the woman in Austin,Texas who threw a Molotov cocktail at two who stood at the prayer vigil outside a Planned Parenthood facility. Lord, we thank You neither of your servants were harmed, even as we pray for the woman who perpetrated this violent and hateful act. We also ask You to help her see her actions the way You see them Lord and lead her to Christ for her reclamation.

Lord, we continue to see the violence directed at your saints all over the world and ask for peace of mind and heart in these troubling times. Strengthen our faith and grant we may escape the snares and evil plans directed against us. You said when we see all these things happening, we are to look up because our redemption draws near. Keep us close to You and on the narrow path Lord as we eagerly wait for Your return.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



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