Prayer – Week of April 13, 2015

NOTE: When I was emailed with the idea of including a prayer post, I thought it was a great idea!  The hope for this prayer and others like it that you might find on this website and receive through subscribing to the email list, is that it will provide the Christian Prepper with a prayer that would start their week or even start every morning or prayer time.  Feel free to include your  own prayer in the comments if you feel led to.  Also, please feel free to forward this link or email to your praying friends!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We acknowledge You as Creator of all things. You made all things seen and unseen. You are the Master of Time because you invented it. You see everything before and after. You know our thoughts and actions before we do. You read our hearts. We praise You Lord, and find rest in knowing Your divine will is done in all things.

Lord, this week we saw more people step out and announce they are running to be our next president. We know it is really You who decides who is to rule over us and we tremble knowing a nation gets the leaders it deserves. Have our hearts changed, Lord? Have we sufficiently repented of our many sins to cause You to relent in our reproof and allow righteous leadership again?

Lord we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who are in the cross-hairs of satan and singled out by the enemy for special persecution. We continue to hold up to You every Christian who has not denied You publicly. We ask for Your protection and strength as each of us speaks Your Truth to the lost, even as we continue to pray for the lost and for those who wrong us. We also ask for justice for those wronged and a healing of our land from violence, crime, sexual sin, drought and the ravages of the unrepentant. Father we ask that You continue to keep each of us in the palm of Your hand and on the narrow path. We trust You will never leave us or forsake us, as You reveal to each of us our purpose for being born for such a time as this.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


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One thought on “Prayer – Week of April 13, 2015

  1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


    There is no one like You. Thank you for allowing me to know who You are. Thank you for allowing me to know the saving grace and love of Your Son, Jesus.

    There is nothing more important than You in this life or the next. Help me and others believers to always place You above all others.

    Father, help us to be led and guided by Your Holy Spirit, that You have so graciously given to us, who is with us and lives in us. When decisions arise and we need direction in our everyday lives, help us to always stop and seek what You are calling us to do through Your Holy Spirit.

    Lord, help us to walk in boldness. Help us to proclaim Your Word to this world, to those that you have put in our lives. Allow them to see Your Son Jesus inside of us. Not because we are perfect, but because they see fruit, love and peace that can only come from You.

    Lord, help us to keep our eyes open to the world around us, and at the same time, keep our eyes on heaven, because our redemption draws near.

    In Jesus’ Name,

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