Prayer: Week of April 20, 2015

NOTE: When I was emailed with the idea of including a prayer post, I thought it was a great idea!  The hope for this prayer and others like it that you might find on this website and receive through subscribing to the email list, is that it will provide the Christian Prepper with a prayer that would start their week or even start every morning or prayer time.  Feel free to include your  own prayer in the comments if you feel led to.  Also, please feel free to forward this link or email to your praying friends!

Dear Heavenly and Most Merciful Father,

Father we come before you in prayer and the full knowledge of Your awesome power. We praise You Lord for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is drawing so many to You in this day and hour because we know the hour is late. Continue to pour out your Holy Spirit on all those who thirst for Truth where none exists; for those who want peace in a world that has gone mad.

Lord we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa and the Middle East who are in great peril from those who would kill them for the faith. We know such men hated You first.

Although the world seeks to harm us Lord, we rejoice in this because Your Word says “If we are reviled for the sake of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of Glory and of God rests on you.”* Give us insight and strength as we endure the calamities inflicted on us by the unsaved, who think they do good. We pray You open the eyes of their hearts and show them they’ve become what they hated most, for they no longer think clearly having been given over to a reprobate mind. Remind us Lord to forgive our enemies, offer prayers for them and do good to those who hate us, even those within our own families and those within the church, which have descended into apostasy, taking part in the Falling Away.

Finally Lord, we ask Your help to lead us into all humility, leaving pride behind and cultivate a servant’s heart. Keep us in Your Word daily as we go along this week, centered in Your love as we give all the honor and glory to You.

In Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen.


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