Prayer: Week of June 8, 2015

NOTE: When I was emailed with the idea of including a prayer post, I thought it was a great idea! The hope for this prayer and others like it that you might find on this website and receive through subscribing to the email list, is that it will provide the Christian Prepper with a prayer that would start their week or even start every morning or prayer time. Feel free to include your own prayer in the comments if you feel led to. Also, please feel free to forward this link or email to your praying friends!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Father, You are the creator of all things and see all things and know all things. Your divine power is unquestioned and the foundation of all Truth. You are our Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider and we give glory and honor to You!

Thank you for the many blessings You give and the many ways You demonstrate the power of Your love and divinity. Thank you for showing us the way, the Truth and the Life in Your son, Christ Jesus and for providing a future in glory with You through Him.

Father, the world is falling deeper into social, political and economic chaos as we watch the systems crumbling. The old social contract is disintegrating and people no longer trust the institutions meant to provide stability. We no longer fully trust education, police, banks, or government because in many ways the enemy has captured them and has turned them toward doing evil – especially evil towards Your remnant.

Many believe we are powerless in the face of this destruction, Lord. Please renew our strength and equip us to endure the trials ahead. Give us discernment so that we do not fall into apostasy and are not deceived. We know that Jesus warned most of all about being deceived. You are the Good Shepherd. As Your sheep, help us to truly hear Your voice. Guard us from all the snares of the enemy. Guide us in all righteousness. Make known Your assignment for each of us to fulfill our part in Your plan to restore all things.

Give us the faith to withstand the enemies who hated You first and are now acting on that hatred. We know You will never leave us nor forsake us.

In Jesus Name we pray,



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