Another View of Eschatology from a Former Muslim turned Christian

Walid Shoebat might be a little unorthodox for many Christians.  But, his message about End Times Prophecy is very interesting.  And although the video below is 1 hour and 45 minutes, I would suggest that it is worth the watch.

You will have to watch with an open mind as what he says might challenge some of your ideas and thoughts about the End Times.  I have noticed, that is very hard for people to change their ideas from what they were taught by the pastors or what they learned when they first heard about the End Times.

I would be curious to know your thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Another View of Eschatology from a Former Muslim turned Christian

  1. Dare Tuitt

    I first saw Walid in 2005 when he was a guest on Zola Levitt’s program. He was just beginning to refine this message at that time. I will need to listen to this several times because when he speaks fast, I don’t catch what he’s saying very well. I want to check every scriptural reference he makes. While I do not endorse his views, he brings a unique perspective because he is Middle Eastern and was once a follower of Islam. I would be curious to know if any other Bible prophecy scholars endorse his take on the identity of Mystery Babylon. For those who believe the USA is Mystery Babylon, Walid’s thesis would fit with the thesis of John Price depending on whether or not you believe the CIA started ISIS/ISIL as a means to finally put an end to Iran – playing both ends against each other. Either way, the USA will have a lot to answer for before the Lord for how our “political machinations” grieved Israel and Christ’s remnant church. While watching both of these presentations I couldn’t help thinking of Jesus’ admonition in Matthew 24 “Be not deceived!” It deserves further study.

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author


      I believe his view on Mystery Babylon is that it is Saudi Arabia. That is different than John Price. I do agree that we, as American Christians, seem to think the Bible revolves around us, etc… I do think we should look at the Bible as a Middle=East, Jewish book, including interpretting it.

      I’m listening to a sermon by Jacob Prasch that discusses Jewish interprettation. I don’t know if you have listened to it. Here is the link on Youtube –

  2. Dare Tuitt

    Yes, what I was trying to describe (and did poorly) was reconcile Walid’s Mystery Babylon with John Price’s Mystery Babylon. If Walid is correct, then the CIA creation of ISIS includes the USA with Mystery Babylon Saudi Arabia because ISIS is keeping Iran in check, which is a mortal enemy of the Saudis. But if the USA is Mystery Babylon, as John Price suggests, then ISIS was created by our CIA to effect a virtual surrounding of Israel by her enemies, while draining Iranian war resources – playing both sides at the same time.

    The creation of ISIS came right after the American people made it clear to the occupant of the WH we did not want him to go to undeclared war with Syria.

  3. messenger

    If anyone is interested then please watch a 45 minute documentary, “America is Babylon”. Around the 45 minute mark the doc gets into visions and dreams of a modern day prophet and that is basically a waste of time. But up until that time it does and outstanding job of proving that America is the ‘Daughter of Babylon’ and ‘Babylon the Great’ which also includes ‘Mystery Babylon.’ thanks.

  4. Sandra Lynch

    I feel as though a light has turned on. It never felt right that the Bible made up of these incredible fantasy stories, it always felt like historical facts, it makes sense for the first time in my life. I have felt for a long time now that Islam was the anti Christ of the bible and God has finally lead me to the truth. I have ordered several books and can’t wait to get to work reading the bible and them looking a biblical map. I am no scholar so I have my work cut out for me but I hunger for the word.

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