Prophecy Update “Roller Coaster”

From the video description…

Is the Pope Catholic, or is he the False Prophet? Seems like an odd question, but one that needs to be asked and answered.

John addresses this question and many more in this week’s update entitled “Roller Coaster”

“Please remain seated, and keep your hands on feet inside the vehicle because you are about to experience one wild ride.”


A mass migration of Muslim refugees are invading Western Europe, and unlike previous invasions, Europe is supplying the transports. With the European birthrates falling below sustainable levels, some are predicting that Spain, France, Germany and England will become Islamic Republics before the year 2050. The math is easy. The Muslim birthrate is over 8 children per family, while the average European rate is less than 2. 90 % of recent European population growth is due to immigration. A culture cannot survive those numbers.

As if that was not bad enough, Russians are moving supplies, men and material into Syria. Iran says Israel will be no more in less than 25 years and the Oslo Accords could be back on the front and center of the world stage. In Daniel, Chapter 9, the Antichrist will confirm a “…covenant with the many.” What if this is the ONE to which Daniel refers ?

We have now reached the top of the lift…and we pause to look over the precipice before losing our lunch on the first drop. Hold on…here we go!!!





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One thought on “Prophecy Update “Roller Coaster”

  1. Purus

    The wife and I sat down today, turned on YouTube and watched John speak for the first time. We enjoyed “Roller Coaster” so much, we decided to do “It’s Getting Interesting” and found it just as informative.

    Sometimes while making preparations, we start to wonder if we are doing the right thing. Although you can see Bible prophecy being fulfilled, when you start talking about prepping, close friends get that 1000 yard stare. They are nodding their heads but you know they are not engaged. Talking to family members is even worse. You can almost hear them shouting, “Have you gone off the deep end? That religion has gotten to you.”

    I like John’s approach. While not a dynamic speaker, he certainly gets the point across. He provides the information and you can make your own decision. About half way through “Roller Coaster” I looked over to the wife and said, “We’re doing the right thing.” Her only response was, “Yes we are”

    The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. Prov 27:12 (ESV)

    I am also reminded God’s word makes the simple, wise. He has preserved His word down through the centuries. He has revealed His plan and has told me what I should do. The only question at this point is…

    Will I be wise or simple?

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