Prophecy Update – “Stop Freakin Out”

A good word from John Haller about keeping it all in perspective…

From the video description:

“The Western US is on fire. The Middle East is on alert. The Chinese and US stock markets are tumbling. Syrian refuges are starving. The Iranians are promising to monitor their own nukes while simultaneously producing YouTube videos of the Revolutionary Guard making preparation to destroy Israel.

And the pundits? They have no clue what is about to befall them and an unsuspecting world.

As Christians, we can sometimes be sucked in and overwhelmed by the convergence of events that is propelling us to the point where Christ returns. But as John reminds us in this week’s Prophecy Update, we should “Stop Freakin’ Out” and instead stay focused on the reminders from God’s Word that assures us that He is still in control.”


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