VID: Prophecy Update “A Message to the Church in Babylon”

This week, John Haller discusses current events, but he also asks and provides a word of encouragement to America, if we are Babylon.  How should we respond as Christians if America is Babylon or the Daughter of Babylon?  The book of Daniel provides some insight.

What the video below…


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2 thoughts on “VID: Prophecy Update “A Message to the Church in Babylon”

  1. messenger

    We are not even close to the return of Christ. The Seals of Revelations are not completed yet, not to mention the Trumpets and Vials. Please get off this kick that Jesus is coming soon. We are generations removed from that event and scripture proves it. The Daughter of Babylon as the United States most assuredly is will not be dwelt in from generation to generation after its destruction. So we have to be at least two generations removed from the return of Christ. Please, let’s get oriented on where we are on the prophecy road instead of trying to hasten the destination. thanks

    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      And what if your interpretation of End Times prophecy is wrong? There are so many views out there, Im trying to keep an open mind and examine all the various views.


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