VID: Prophecy Update “Convergence”

Taken from the Youtube Video Notes…

As John has frequently mentioned during his updates, the world is on a fast track down multiple paths to the same ending. Christ is going to return, first for His church, then to execute judgment on an unbelieving and sinful world.

We are on a collision course with a destiny foretold in the prophetic Scriptures dating back over several millennia. Yet despite an unmistakable record of fulfillment of future events, the world, with increasing intensity, is rejecting God at every opportunity. Many churches have drifted into apostasy, leaving in their wake a human debris field.

John tries to sort out these events which are in an apparent free-fall at this moment in history. This can only yield one result. The ultimate “Convergence” when Christ returns to the Mount of Olives when all, great or small, will fully understand the consequence of their follies.

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