VID: Prophecy Update “It’s Over”

From the FBC Youtube Channel…

Wow…what a week for those whose eyes are opened and whose hearts are seeking the One who is coming to make all wrong things right.

John continues the analysis of the same-sex ruling by the Supreme Court this past week, accentuating and expanding on the very clear message conveyed by Pastor Steve Mitchell in our earlier morning service. Pastor Steve’s message from June 28, 2015 on gay marriage can be found here.

John will expound upon and examine the actual language of the decision and will also add some bold predictions on the coming persecution of those followers of Christ who hold to the traditional definition of marriage.

Put on your armor, fellow Christians. Your belief system is the target now. Will will not capitulate, confirm or condone that which God calls an abomination.


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3 thoughts on “VID: Prophecy Update “It’s Over”

  1. dead2theworld

    It ain’t all over…not by a long shot. Jesus will not return to this earth until the last trump and we haven’t even had the first one yet. Go through the trumpets, have you see all the green grass and one third of the trees burn…an asteroid hit the oceans and wipe out one third of the coastlines…go through all seven trumpets…we are not done…just beginning. Stop this nonsense of the imminent return, it does nothing but destroy people’s faith once it doesn’t happen. You are a false prophet from the starting gate. Do disrespect intended to you, just knock of the bulls—-!

  2. dead2theworld

    No sir, I admit emphatically that once John Haller took the podium watching was a waste of time. He is a false prophet. There will be no prophets on this earth again until the two stand in Jerusalem and witness against the AntiChrist just as Revelation forecasts. Hal Lindsay is the prime example of this type of nonsense. Over 40 years ago his number 1 international best seller, The Late Great Planet Earth, kicked started so called modern day prophecy. Nothing in the book has happened, in fact just the opposite. And to add salt to an open wound he admitted in 1992 or there abouts that he stole the book and was forced to pay the woman who actually wrote it an undisclosed amount of money. Yet people flock to, and hang on every word all of these false prophets generate. It is so very wrong. There is a vast difference between bible believing and bible understanding. Again no disrespect to you and peace unto you also. And out of respect for you and all the great things you do for us on Prepper Website I will show the courtesy of not commenting on any more Prepper Church Articles. thanks and God bless.

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