VID: Prophecy Update “It’s Time To”

A strong word from John Haller this week.

From the video description…

“As a compliment to last’s week’s message entitled “Stop Freakin’ Out”, John returns this week to warn us of the things to get ready to do. Starting off by taking a trip back to November of 1929, John shows us quotes by financial experts of the day who were painting a picture of an improving economic outlook in the spring of 1930. Clearly, they were wrong.

Those same headlines are repeating themselves today, because we have failed to learn from history to recognize the signs that judgments are coming. We must be prepared and we must stand firm. That is the battle cry for the remnant church as we move toward that final place in history where mankind comes face to face with a Holy God who will judge.

This message is to those who make up the true remnant church. It is time to be bold and take a stand.”



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