Weekly Watchman – Dec. 23, 2015

WeeklyWatchman1But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!  Luke 21:28 HCSB

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything I post here.  However, I try to keep an open mind and definitely don’t want to be like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day that had the Son of God right in front of them, but didn’t recognize Him because He didn’t come the way they thought He would come!  Stay Alert!

I’m breaking with the usual multitude of videos and articles and only linking to John Haller’s Prophecy Update.  I think you should watch this one for sure.  It does have relevance to preppers as John talks about normalcy biasis and the need for situational awareness in the world we live.  You can find that towards the end of the video.  However, all of it is important!

Video Description: From a Burka-wearing “Christian” Professor from Wheaton College, to racist dinners being served at Oberlin College, from a blasphemous rendition of a beloved carol by Hillsong, to Liquid Church’s “Star Wars” message (complete with a nativity scene featuring Han, Leia, Chewy and R2D2), this week’s update is both an advisory and a warning. Apostasy may already be in your church, and jihad is coming.

This week’s core message is one reminding us to be vigilant on all fronts, both spiritually and physically. We must be prepared to defend the Gospel and call out false teachings emanating from America’s pulpits, while also being observant and aware of your physical surroundings.

This warning struck close to home this past week on two fronts First, John personally witnessed a very physically fit male, dressed in a full ski mask, gloves and a t-shirt (it was 60 degrees in Columbus that day) taking multiple pictures of high rise buildings in downtown Columbus using his cell phone. Of course, being John, he followed and photographed this mystery man and notified the authorities. Second, he received a call from a contact in Southern California who had witnessed a group of 200-300 men walking down her suburban street. When she inquired as to what they were doing, they responded “we are claiming this neighborhood in the name of Allah.”

There is no doubt that the President has kept one promise. “Fundamental Change” has come to America. The only remaining question is, how much more judgment is coming on America and the world before our Lord and Savior returns to claim His own?

Join John has he discusses these issues, and many others including the latest questionable actions by the Vatican on this week’s update entitled “It’s Time to Pay Attention”


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One thought on “Weekly Watchman – Dec. 23, 2015

  1. Paul Smith

    I am not going to quote chapter and verse from the Bible, but there are many, many places where God says that He knew us before time began. In effect, I believe, that I was chosen to be His heir since the beginning.
    I did not fully realize this until mid-life, when I had my “Burning Bush,” moment, similar to Moses; although not so dramatic, after running from Him for many years. I even attended bible study and taught Sunday School classes, all the while trying to distance myself from Him.
    After my, “Moment,” I spent the next 20 years as a passionate missionary to Haiti. I was not able to live there full time, due to family commitments here in the States; but I spent every moment I could, praying, preparing and planning for the weeks I would be able to go and serve. When I wasn’t in Haiti, I was actively working in behind the scenes support and prayer.
    I will never know in my earthly life the number of people who also had their, “Burning Bush,” moments as a result of my service. It doesn’t matter, that is above my pay grade. I was chosen to go in love, so I did.
    My point: I implore You to put Your focus on Christ’s face; each moment of Your life. He knows exactly what is going to happen; and when! He also knows what will happen to You. He guides Your every step, through The Holy Spirit.
    This does not mean that You should not prepare. Pray. Study the word, in prayer. Again, focus on Him with all of Your heart. The Holy Spirit will guide You to His way.
    When THE things happen, He will need You to be ready; in fact, You will be ready, because He will have guided You.
    By doing this, You will not become distracted and lured away by the latest shiny or outrageous thing that will come along. Remember, if You get all caught up in this world, it belongs to satan. If You want to play in this world, You play by satan’s rules.
    Thank You,
    His and Your Very Grateful servant, Paul.

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