Weekly Watchman – October 20, 2015


But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!  Luke 21:28 HCSB

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything I post here.  However, I try to keep an open mind and definitely don’t want to be like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day that had the Son of God right in front of them, but didn’t recognize Him because He didn’t come the way they thought He would come!  Stay Alert!

In this week’s WW:

  1. FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update
  2. Rapture Ready
    1. Obama Dreams of a Third Term
    2. Damascus-Doom Deliberations
  3. JD Farag – Mid-East Prophecy Update
  4. The Wars of the End Times
  5. Jason A – Illuminati Warning: The PROOF is now here in 2015
  6. The year 2030 popping up…


FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update

“(WARNING: There are videos that start at approximately the 51:00 mark that contain footage from security cameras that capture recent knife and vehicle attacks by Palestinians against Israeli citizens. The footage tells the real story of what is happening, juxtaposed with the media narrative to demonstrate the bias that exists against Israel and her people. Parental discretion is advised.)

What are the signs of the end”? Is it a confirmation of a peace treaty with Israel? Is it an indication that the world is turning against her longtime ally? Or could it be the beginning of the “Third Intifada” that could push Israel to the point where they declare “Enough is Enough?

Or is it simply that John wore a tie to do this update?

Grab your duct tape, wrap it securely around your head and get ready, because what John is about to share will surely make your head explode.

From Putin’s elaborate chess game (compared to Obama’s checkers), from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of Christian Groups as Hate Groups (not based upon a tendency toward violence, but just because of what they believe) to the false narrative being spread by the news media and the Palestinian activists, this update is a journey to the edge of the precipice. Get ready to take it all in as John shares his thoughts on some of the “Signs of the End” in this week’s edition of the Prophecy Update.”



Rapture Ready

“Already this year, the Supreme Court, the Congress and President Obama have committed acts that are worthy of impeachment. The problem with living in the last days, these types of deeds move from being a possibility to an ultimate likelihood.”

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JD Farag

“Pastor J.D. sorts through the plethora of lies surrounding what’s happening to Israel and in Israel and explains how the news media and social media has been a game changer, by virtue of how it spreads the propaganda demonizing Israel.”



The Wars of the End Times

“Most people are surprised to discover that there is no reference in the book of Revelation, or any other place in the Bible to the “Valley of Armageddon,” nor is there any reference to the “Battle of Armageddon” — but more about that later. People are even more surprised to learn that Bible prophecy reveals nine wars in the end times and that Armageddon relates to only one of these.”

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Jason A – Illuminati Warning: The PROOF is now here in 2015

“New World Order 2015-2016 shocking proof Prophetic events around the world October 2015 are you ready the big event prophecy is happening now illuminati warning new world order martial law prophecy unfolding around the world”



The year 2030 popping up…

This was sent to me in an email…

HI Todd,

I have noticed in several articles a focus on the year 2030 as either the year something culminates or the date a deadline has been fixed.  Is this coincidence?  If 2030 is the end of the Tribulation, then we could be in the start of more serious birth pangs now in 2015.  While not all may have application to Bible Prophecy, as a whole the focus on 2030 is interesting to note.  What follows is a partial list.  How many more can you find?

1.  The UN has recently approved , 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  which calls for everyone on earth to be identified by 2030.

2.  Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by

3.  Millenials think their generation can end poverty by 2030:  Zero Poverty 2030

4. Muslims in Europe By 2030: Population Growth Map

5. A Possible Scenario for the Rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem



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