Weekly Watchman – October 27, 2015


But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!  Luke 21:28 HCSB

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything I post here.  However, I try to keep an open mind and definitely don’t want to be like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day that had the Son of God right in front of them, but didn’t recognize Him because He didn’t come the way they thought He would come!  Stay Alert!

In this week’s WW:

  1. FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update
  2. Rapture Ready
    1. Trouble on the Temple Mount
    2. Anti-Christian Crusade
  3. JD Farag – Mid-East Prophecy Update
  4. OnPoint Preparedness – Pope, Synod & World News Updates
  5. Calvary Melbourne Australia – Prophecy Update – October 25, 2015


FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update

From the Description: This week’s update is jam-packed with so many topics and so little time, so here’s a list of just some of the items will be addressed in this week’s Prophecy Update entitled “False Religion”. John’s interview on Love for the Truth can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

  • Planned Parenthood
  • Brazil’s Pension Program (it is unsustainable)
  • The potential collapse of the Saudi Economy in 5 years
  • Worldwide Christian Persecution
  • Oprah Winfry, the High Priestess of World Religions
  • The Parliament of World Religions
  • Maryanne Williamson
  • Prominent Leftists and those who adore them with “Itching Ears” Obama, the Pope and Brian McLaren
  • Isaiah 17 fulfilled? Drone footage of Damascus (not quite, but almost a heap of rubble)
  • The Muslim Invasion of Europe.

And a dire warning to any who love Jesus with all their hearts, mind and souls. If you church is toying with false teachers and their misleading, deceptive teachings, get out. Get out now, and as our friend, Jacob Prasch says, “Take as many people as you can with you. You are on a rescue mission.”




Rapture Ready

“End-time prophecy tells us that the Tribulation will start with the Antichrist signing a peace agreement between Israel and her Arab neighbors; one that will validate rights for Jews to worship at a rebuilt Temple. These recent savage attacks may be an indication that the devil is taking desperate measures because he has some indication that his time is running out, and unless he can come up with a delaying tactic, we may be very near the Tribulation hour.”

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JD Farag – Mid-East Prophecy Update

From the Description: Pastor J.D. first addresses some of last week’s major developments concerning Israel then concludes with the significance of their prophetic implications.




OnPoint Preparedness – Pope, Synod & World News Updates




Calvary Melbourne Australia – Prophecy Update – October 25, 2015

From the Description: Canada has a new Prime Minister and Israel lost a friend in Stephen Harper, within days of his election, Justin Trudeau ends the ISIS combat mission and opens the door for 25,000 syrian refugees, Christian persecution reaches extreme levels and can be compared with ethnic cleansing, Christian churches demolished in Indonesia to please Muslims, Kerry and Netanyahu meeting in Berlin, Netanyahu says that Abbas should stop spreading lies, Hezbollah build up on the Golan Heights, ISIS releases video in Hebrew and says that not one Jew will be left in Jersusalem and Israel and a message to the Muslim world and everyone who attacks Israel: “You will be defeated by God Almighty”.



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