Weekly Watchman – Sept. 28, 2015


But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!  Luke 21:28 HCSB

I have a lot for you this week.  The crazy thing is that it all kind of flows.  Now, I’m sure I’m going to get people calling me a “doomer.”  I can say that I am not, but you have your own opinion.

I also want to mention that like the articles I post on Prepper Website, I post things that are interesting to me and let you make up your own mind about them.  I don’t always agree with everything I link to.

Also, I don’t go looking for stuff to post here.  The articles and videos that are linked or embedded below are articles from websites that I frequent or that I have stumbled upon.

For this week:

  • Article: Rapture Ready – Nearing Midnight
  • Article: Salvation and Survival – Pieces Are Being Moved On The Cosmic Chess Board
  • Video: JD Farag – Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 27th, 2015
  • Video: FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update “Check the Box? / False Religion Palooza!”
  • Video: On Point Preparedness – Major Event DID HAPPEN on September 23rd 2015
  • Video: Jason A – ‘Historic Event’ In the Making (ARE YOU READY?)

Rapture Ready – Nearing Midnight

“Every day that passes brings into focus that truth. Israel is like a laser pointer indicating with pinpoint precision that these must indeed be the closing days of this Church Age. Stage-setting for fulfillment of Bible prophecy, as we have pointed out many times, literally fills today’s geopolitical, socioeconomic and religious landscape. Culture and society aren’t just headed toward the cesspool–we have arrived in the septic tank.”

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Salvation and Survival – Pieces Are Being Moved On The Cosmic Chess Board

“Of course no one, least of all me, has any proof that any of this will happen, or that it is Biblical.  But, as we are called to watch and stay awake, I think it is incumbent upon us to pay attention to these events that are quickening our spirits.”

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JD Farag – Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 27th, 2015

Description: “Pastor J.D. provides a summary of the voluminous prophetic events taking place this last week and encourages Christians to be Bereans and search the scriptures for the truth so as to not be deceived by the narrative that’s accepted by the masses.”


FBC – John Haller – Prophecy Update “Check the Box? / False Religion Palooza!

Description: “Rainbow Police, mass migrations, the Pope in Congress, violent events everywhere, stampeding Muslims, George Will calls the Pope a False Prophet – Things you don’t see everyday are becoming the norm. Are these like the times of Lot? Are these like the times of Noah?

Russia is outfitting Syrian airports with improved runways, modern attack helicopters, fighter jets, and barracks. Does that sound like preparation for Ezekiel 38 & 39?.

Why does the Pope talk more about Climate Change and Wealth Redistribution than abortion and homosexual marriage? Is it because the religion of the Pope is leftism?

Catholics keep crucifying Jesus, false teachers join in praise of the Pope, Evangelical leaders are being sucked in to this apostasy – Its an End Times, Box-Checking, False Religion Hype-a-Palooza tour! Join John as he pierces the corporate veil that is the Catholic Church and ends in a provocative analysis of Ezekiel 8 in this week’s Prophecy Update.

(For additional teaching on the need to refute false teachers and prophets, please check out our first hour message today at the below link. Both Pastor Steve and John Haller delivered a powerful message this morning in our first service entitled “Elders: Refuting False Teachers”)”


On Point Preparedness – Major Event DID HAPPEN on September 23rd 2015

“September 23rd was a historic event that happened 1,260 prophetic days after another historic event that happened on April 11th, 2012.  On April 11th, 2012 a “bizzare” major earthquake happened in Sumatra that “Birthed” a new tectonic plate.”  Read more…. or watch below!


Jason A – ‘Historic Event’ In the Making (ARE YOU READY?)

Description: “Last week of September 2015 and major prophetic events point to something big in the near future. UN New World Order Plans revealed for the next 15 years wake up prophecy has now begun end times big event something is about to happen are you ready shocking compilation.”


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    dude- the immaculate conception was MARY not Jesus. The RC church believes Mary was conceived w/o original sin.

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