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But when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near!  Luke 21:28 HCSB

Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything I post here.  However, I try to keep an open mind and definitely don’t want to be like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day that had the Son of God right in front of them, but didn’t recognize Him because He didn’t come the way they thought He would come!  Stay Alert!

In this week’s WW:

  • John Haller – John Haller Prophecy Update – “Agendas” – 2/5/17
  • JD Farag – Prophecy Update – 2/5/17


John Haller – John Haller Prophecy Update – “Agendas” – 2/5/17

The lunacy of the left continues to spill over past-election.

English doctors are being told to refer to expectant mothers as “pregnant people” as to not offend those who are transgender.

Robert Reich claims that the Berkeley riots were actually instigated by “Right Wingers” (with no explanation as to why) and Planned Parenthood continues to lie about provide so-called “Prenatal Care.”

Add to that the fact that some are now claiming that 3 and 4D Ultrasounds that not only identify the sounds of a baby’s heartbeat but show 3 dimensional images of babies moving in the womb are “imaginary and invented, and the movement is sped up to try to convince people that there is a real baby in there.”

You heard that right. Stay tuned…John’s rampage is about to begin. Hear and see the insanity for yourselves.


JD Farag – Prophecy Update – 2/5/17

Pastor J.D. addresses President Trump’s controversial travel ban and answers the question of the Christian’s response to allowing refugees unfettered access into the United States.



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