BibleGateway – Online search – multiple Bibles

Study Light – Online search, original languages/lexicons, historical writings & more.

NetBible – Online search of NET version of the Bible, original language, clickable to definition.

Topical Bible – Online search specific topics in the Bible.

Bible Reading Log – *FREE* Download a very simple Bible Reading log in pdf to keep track of your reading.

Bible Hub – Lot’s of resources all in one place.

Blue Letter Bible – Lots of great resources.

Christian Prepper Websites I Recommend

Prepared Christian – Chris Ray has some great articles here pertaining to Faith and Preparedness.

Salvation and Survival

Survival 4 Christians

Prophezine – Bible Prophecy & World Events

Prepper Recon

Bible Prophecy

Revelation Understood Commentary

Antipas Ministries

Tracking Bible Prophecy – Birth Pangs

Christian Sites I Recommend

Joel’s Trumpet – The ministry home of Joel Richardson

Daniel Training Network – Lots of information laid out and easy to find.



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