4 Messages that Will Bless You!

Recently, I watched four teaching/message videos on Youtube that I thought were special enough to pass along.  They are of Jacob Prasch teaching at Fellowship Bible Chapel on September 10-11, 2016.

I remember the first time I was sent a link to one of Jacob’s videos.  I watched a few minutes and turned it off.  Jacob comes across so brash sometimes, that it can be a turn-off.  The person who did send me the video kept pushing it, so I powered through, and I’m glad I did.

Jacob teaches using a Jewish – Christ Centered Approach.  Almost everyone else in the West has been influenced throughout the years of church history by philosophers and their thoughts that have crept in and been “chrstianized.”

I challenge you to watch the videos below.  You will find that they are deep and not your typical run-of-the-mill messages/teachings.  You will be blessed!

The four videos are titled:

  1. Who is The Restrainer?
  2. When Godly Believers Disagree
  3. Psalm 23
  4. The Rite of Ordeal / The Law of Jealousy

If you enjoy Jacob’s messages, please visit his ministry website, Moriel Ministries, to read and follow their evangelism and missionary work and to browse the online bookstore.  His books are just as deep…if not more than his messages!

Who is The Restrainer?

In Session #1, Jacob explores the topic of “The Restrainer” and the effect on believers and non-believers alike. Join us for this powerful expose of what Scripture says about this powerful force and the impact on both the departure and soon return of Jesus in these End Times.


When Godly Believers Disagree

Jacob’s Second message from the FBC Teaching Weekend with Jacob Prasch is entitled “When Godly Believers Disagree”. During this message, Jacob looks at the dynamics involved when followers of Christ have sincere and heartfelt disagreements about faith issues. Is this something that should cause division? Can both be right and wrong at the same time? Can this cause a schism within the body that detracts from the Gospel message?


Psalm 23

One of the most well known and beloved Psalms in the Bible is Psalm 23. Most have heard it since their childhood, but never like this. Join us for an amazing teaching session as Jacob unpacks this Psalm like never before and gives deep insight into the heart and mind of our Creator.


The Rite of Ordeal / The Law of Jealousy

Jacob Prasch winds up his teaching weekend at FBC with a look at the Book of Numbers in a message entitled “The Rite of Ordeal / The Law of Jealousy”. Jacob examines the concept of idolatry being equivalent to adultery in both ancient Israel, as well as today’s modern church.



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