A Message to Pastors & Church Leaders

Please watch the video and feel free to pass it along to your local pastor.


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4 thoughts on “A Message to Pastors & Church Leaders

  1. Mic Roland

    Hi Todd,

    Good point on church/pastor preparedness. I know my pastor is more receptive to such contingency planning. Churches, a lot like families, need to be following the same sorts of preparations, such as avoiding debt, alternate resources, etc. Pastors, just like everyone else, can become too dependent on their salary. Yes, after 2008, our giving dropped quite a bit. While it recovered, it’s dropping again. Running expenses too close to ‘usual’ giving is just as dangerous as a family living AT their means.

    I’ve recently broached the topic with the pastor of planning for how the church building itself might be used as an emergency shelter for some of our elderly (but still independent) members. Rather than have them stuck at home, or in some large community shelter, I feel we should be taking care of the household of faith and not expecting the state to do it for us.

    Good point, too, about plans to continue the ministry and the gospel. That’s worth more planning.

    Take care,

    — Mic

  2. steve

    i just wondered if you have seen the website called christconnection.net it is really worth a read it explains much as to what Christian churches are NOT teaching. with kindest regards steve

  3. gleaningforsurvival

    I am very certain our pastor is the most prepared person in our church, and is trying to drag the rest of the congregation into preparedness kicking and screaming. I know that the pastor at my church knows that God is his provider not the pay check from the church. I also know he is called to preach at our church if they pay him or not…again God is the provider….now does God want to use his church to provide…absolutely is he limited to that, absolutely not. Church is not a building…church is the people, the family, the body, the sooner the church acts this way the more prepared the church will be for the days and weeks ahead….I could talk for hours on this topic….maybe I need to start a blog to add to the noise……nah….to mmuch to do….peace

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