Hi Friends,

After some thought and prayer, I’m taking a break from posting here at Prepper Church.  I don’t know what the future holds, or if I will get back to posting here anytime soon.

I wanted to put this here because I was posting specific posts here on a schedule.  The good news is that all the info. I posted here can be found somewhere else on the internet.

Prayer Week – Can be found on Tim Gamble’s website.  He posts his Patriot’s Prayer on Saturday’s so it is ready to go on Sunday morning.  Please visit his site – CLICK HERE.

Weekly Watchman – I used to post a bunch of different videos related to prophesy every week.  I still think this topic is VERY important.  Although there are many ministers doing prophecy updates, I usually always posted from John Haller and JD Farag.  Click below to get to their Youtube channels.

My Weekly Videos – I do videos, usually on Wed. and post them here for the weekend.  I will still do those videos.  You can find them on my Youtube channel – CLICK HERE.

Please keep me in your prayers.  I try to always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and want to do what the Lord wants me to do.  Following in His ways is the most important thing for me.

Thanks for your understanding.




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