VID: End Time Misconceptions

In early 2015, Fellowship Bible Chapel, sponsored Jacob Prasch.  The Moriel Conference was broadcast live on the internet.  There were a total of 7 videos.  I listened to all of them.  This video, #5, is really good and I feel that every Christian should at least listen to this one.

I would venture to say that you will learn more in watching this message than 1 month of sermons in “most” churches.

A word of warning, Jacob Prasch can seem a little boisterous and obnoxious at first.  It took me a few times of starting some of his videos and then stopping him before I finally started truly listening to what he is saying.  You will be blessed!

I have linked the other 6 videos of the conference below this one.  You should start/forward this video to 26:15 to get straight to the message.  Click here to see it on Youtube and fast forward through the wait time.


The other videos of the Moriel Conference are below:

  1. #1: Interpreting Scripture (Text, Co-Text, Context)
  2. #2 Harpazo: The Rapture, Don’t Divide
  3. #3 The Gifts of the Spirit
  4. #4 Q&A
  5. #6 :The Pattern of Saul”
  6. #7 “Taming the Serpent/Charming the Snake”

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    1. Todd Sepulveda Post author

      I totally forgot about that. You could always click on the title on the video to get you to Youtube. But I put a direct link to the video, where it starts the message above the video in the post…


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